Tips for a great lipstick finish

Hi Everyone :)

Here is some great tips for lipstick application that will result in flawless lips and will enhance your favourite lipstick colour. Tried and tested it myself- it does work!

1. MOISTURIZATION- this is the most key step and one that many women leave out. Healthier lips will enhance your lipstick as well as a fluid application. Make sure you apply a heavy wear moisturizer/lip balm every night. My favourite is Eucerin Aquaphor or you can simply use Vaseline.

2. Weird tip but I read it in a magazine and it has never failed me yet- use your foundation as a base on your lips, it will make lipstick last longer and even out the application.

3. Always use a lipliner ladies!. Using a lipliner stops the colour from bleeding into your foundation. Lipliners need to be matched to your natural lip colour or lipstick, but nothing darker than your lipstick should be used.

4. Also another tip I read in a magazine- apply some nude eyeliner on the outside of your lip line, especially around Cupids Bow- for an added pout ;)

Make sure all your beauty products used are of a good quality :)