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Those Mean Girls

Those Mean Girls

Growing up, I was always the geeky freckled ginger who everyone teased and called “Duracell”  (the coppered colour top – get it?) 

Yeah, I got a lot of those ginger nicknames. 

If you’re a ginger, you can relate to having transparent milk-bottle skin, and ginger eyelashes and eyebrows.  As a teenager, I got into trouble at school for wearing mascara!  I was only  trying to look like all the other pretty popular girls.   I could never get away with the mascara, because my eyelashes are so long and the mascara would rub off on to my eyelids and give my secret away.  The teachers would make me wash it off and I’d be left looking like a spook once again.


My Mum would not let me tint my eyebrows or eyelashes, so I did the next best thing,  I used a nail scissors and cut my long, ginger eye-lashes in half!   I would get away with wearing brown mascara to school without it smudging all over my face - and I didn’t’ look like a Ginger Ghost.

It took forever for my stumpy eyelashes to grow back to their former glory.

Daft or what?

That being said, I could never really do without my mascara now.  Avon SuperShock Mascara is the single product that ALWAYS gives me confidence to walk tall, strut and embrace my Ginger Awesomeness. 

As for those mean girls at school who used to tease me? Well, I don’t think I’d greet you if I bumped into you on the street.  Most of you have gotten so old and fat,  I wouldn’t even recognize you anyway…

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