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Things To Do As A Single Guy in Australia

Things To Do As A Single Guy in Australia

Other than visiting animal sanctuaries and embarking on whale-sighting tours, Australia offers a host of other fun activities you can experience.

Whether you go to Australia for your holidays as a family, with a friend, or on your own, chances are – you're going to easily find a number of interesting activities you can do and never get bored while you're there.

In this article, we're going to give you a couple of pieces of advice on what you can do in Australia if you go there as a single guy. As you will see, the Land Down Under offers a wide array of activities you can embark on, so you can rest assured that you'll never be bored if you choose this country as your holiday destination.

Here's the deal.

1) Go on a Surfing Safari

If you like sports and fancy learning a new extreme sport that is quintessentially Australian, you may want to head to the isle of Manly and give one of their beginner's surfing schools a whirl. Of course, surfing is probably not the easiest sport to get into, but if you show some dedication, you will certainly get a hang of it soon enough.

In case you already know how to surf, the beaches of this island are where you want to be, because you'll be able to catch all sorts of waves and have loads of fun doing it.

As far as events are concerned that you can take part in, you can count in the Australian Open of Surfing, which takes place during a 10-day or so period towards the end of February and into March. You can also sign up for the Manly school of surfing, where you can start making your first surfing steps, so to speak.

2) Visit an Outdoor Cinema

If you happen to go to Sydney, and you want to go out and see a film while you're there, rather than just visiting a local cinema, what you can do is get to the St George Open Air Cinema. Close to the harbor, this cinema gives you an excellent view of the surrounding area complete with the tranquil body of water, modern buildings, and the trees in the nearby park. Oh, and also there's a large screen onto which the film will be projected.

It's not only Sydney where you can attend these open air cinemas, though, as Brisbane and other cities also organize such events periodically.

These can be not only a good way to see a film, but also to meet some locals as well as new people hailing from all over the world who are also tourists there.

3) Rooftop Party

When a country has nature as beautiful and exciting as Australia, many of its hotels and other venues are built in such a way that they enable you to enjoy the view.

In Sydney, the Palisade hotel represents one of the most popular venues for this sort of sightseeing. Here, you can rent a room that oversees the many Sydney's natural and architectural wonders, so whether you fancy relaxing there on your own for a couple of days, or you maybe bring someone over while you're there, you can rest assured that the view will add tremendously to the atmosphere.

Also, it is at these venues that the local and restaurant owners organize parties and other social gatherings, so it is at these spots that you will be able to meet new people if you want to.

4) Go to a Brothel

After a long day of sightseeing, there are many options in Australia for you to relax and have some fun, and one of them is visiting a brothel. These places are venues where you can enjoy luxurious service, as well as company of beautiful ladies of your choosing, of course.

As far as the health and safety aspect of this place is concerned, you can rest assured that Australian brothels adhere to the highest standards when it comes to regular overall health and STD checkups, so you don't need to worry about this.

Generally speaking, Australian brothels are well-known for their excellent services, with places such as the exotic Melbourne Asian brothel ranking highly when it comes to quality of the service. This is a place where you can meet ladies from China, Japan, and Korea, so if you like these ethnicities, you're going to have a great time in one of these brothels.

All things considered, traveling solo in Australia as a single guy can have its benefits. While getting to see the natural wonders of this amazing country and attending some of the open-air cinemas is something you can do even if you travel in pairs or with your family, visiting one of these brothels and some of the exciting festivals are activities that are probably best enjoyed on your own.
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