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The Ultimate Guide on Choosing the Right Perfume for Her

One of the best, most elegant, and thoughtful gifts is perfume. It shows that you know someone, and besides, everybody loves to smell good, so it is a safe choice. However, it is a bit hard to decide if you don't know which perfume she uses, so here are some guidelines on how to do it. Even for the women who want to find their own scent, this will be a helpful guide.

First, let us explain the basics when it comes to perfumes. You have three notes: the top, middle (heart), and the base. The top is the first scent you smell when you apply it, and it lasts up to two hours. The middle note is the one that stays the longest, and it is the main element of a perfume. And the base one is usually bolder, which means that it also lasts a long time when the heart note fades away.

Choosing the fragrance

‚ÄčThere are four main fragrances you can choose from, and they include floral, oriental, woody, and fresh notes. They can be combined among them to create the heart note of the perfume. You can choose a fragrance based on your personality. And once you figure out what fits you best, and try some samples, you can even order women's perfume online and spare yourself of the trip every time you need a new bottle.

Floral scents go best with romantic, feminine personalities. Some of the good choices are Nina Ricci- L-air Du Temps, Este Lauder-Beautiful, and Jean Patou-Joy.

For the mysterious, elegant souls among you, oriental notes are the best choice. They are bolder and stronger, which makes them perfect for night outs and special occasions. Some of the perfumes in this category are Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent, Code by Armani, and Boss the Scent by Hugo Boss.

If you don't like the traditional fragrances, and you want something fresh and subtle you can wear every day, citrus scents are for you. Lemon, Mandarin, and Orange are the most common ones, and some of the perfumes you can try include IN2U by Calvin Klein, Light Blue by Dolce and Gabanna, and I Love Love by Moschino.

Woody scents are often thought of as very sensual and warm for strong, decisive women. They are maybe not an everyday perfume, but you will feel even more special when you wear them on special occasions. Body by Burberry, Vanilla and Cedarwood by Kiehl's, and Miss Dior by Dior are the perfect combinations of earthy, fresh and sweet.

Choosing according to the occasion

Not every perfume is meant for every occasion. And this is important because wearing a strong perfume during a hot summer day will not smell nice no matter how good it actually is. Fruity and citrus scents that are fresh and soft are perfect for every day, especially for work. Floral scents are your perfect companion for romantic dates because they will enhance your femininity. For special occasions, such as formal events, balls, and cocktail nights, bolder, earthy, and woody scents will be a perfect fit.

Additional tips

Let's say you have decided on the note you think is right for you. The next step is to try a sample perfume and see how it feels after a few hours. Maybe it will start to irritate you or become too strong, which is why it is important to give it 3-4 hours, and see how you like it after that. Not smelling it does not mean that it is not good. It just means that your nose got used to it, which is a good thing because you know it won't bore you.

Another thing you should avoid is picking a popular perfume or one that someone else uses. Sometimes it may be a perfect fit for you, but it often is not something you were looking for. Besides, due to our pheromones, each perfume smells differently on every person, which is why this should not be your guideline.

Choosing the right perfume may be a bit challenging since there are so many notes and fragrances to choose from. However, it is worth exploring and finding the perfect for you because it's something people will remember you by, and it will make you feel confident and attractive.

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