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The SmashBox Photo Finish Primer #LustHave product of the month

The SmashBox Photo Finish Primer #LustHave product of the month

We all long for our make-up to last long,  skin to stay shine-free throughout the day and our make-up to stay in the same place we put it on our face in the first place! I've been researching, reading through reviews and doing very highly scientific workings that conclude that Smashbox Photo Finish Blemish Control is what I simply LUST HAVE.

Don't ask me what science I used to come to these findings; it's all highly complicated atomic matter stuff...

So, I managed to go to Woolworths in Canal Walk to find the Smashbox counter. I had a lot of fun using the testers and could definitely see that the counter assistant was dying to help me out in some way. The product I loved the most, if at this point you haven't realised, is their primer range! IT was soo difficult to just choose one Primer so the counter assistant wrote down the 3 ones she thought would work great for my oily skin. 


So, for you guys to get a little bit more of a visual of the above written primers and their prices, I  combined them all on one page on Photoshop, so that you too can go find them. (the primer testers were all finished or running very low, hence why I didn't bother photographing them)


Why do I need a primer in my life?

I've used primers a few times before, but have been wanting to invest in one for so long now. They are generally quite pricey, so it's something I wanted to put a lot of thought into. If you aren't too sure what primers are used for, then let me explain. Primers are used to sort of set the make-up onto your face before you apply it. It helps your foundation, powder and eye-shadow stay on your face for longer without shining or cracking. It's pretty much all your prayers answered, then bottled into an adorable little squeeze container. 

You can apply it after you apply your moisturiser, because ladies, moisturising is important! Give it some time to set in and then apply your foundation and make-up! Pretty easy stuff, nothing like the scientific experiments of atomic matter I've been conducting ;)

I'm pretty passionate about this product as it has gotten some really good reviews. I have oily skin and acne prone skin due to the oiliness, so the fact that they have 3 primers perfect for this makes my little heart beat like a hummingbird (should probably get that checked out). 

But to be fair, I am not bias toward their primers only as they also have other amazing products. For instance, their eye-shadows have really great pigment and feel great to the touch, kind of buttery powder as you smear it on. This makes them easy to blend when attempting those smokey eyes tutorials you've been Youtubing (don't worry, I've got your back!). 


The above image was just a quick swatching I did and the pigment is really good. But don't take my word for it and go to any Woolworths or Foschini and try it yourself! 

So, this is my entry for the Smashbox Lust-Have competition. I need this in my life!, I mean Winter months can be so cruel.

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