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The Secret is OUT!

The Secret is OUT!

Anti-aging and good skincare go hand-in-hand, so it is important to remember that the best way to ensure aging gracefully, is to take special care of your skin!

Here are 5 tips that I highly recommend, to stop the signs of aging!

1. SPF is best!

As we grow older, we develop brown spots or sunspots. They're the result of a few factors such as: genetics, hormone levels and sunbathing for hours on end without protection. You probably won't notice them when you're young but as we draw closer to our thirties you'll start seeing them appearing and by your forties, they get tougher to cover up. Sometimes, we don't even realize how often we are catching rays, like when driving with our window closed! That is why, it is important to use SPF everyday to help preventing brown spots from appearing and making you look older than what you are. 

2. Moisturise everyday, twice a day!

I am just as guilty as the next, when it comes to irregular skincare routines but I have learnt the importance of moisturiser, twice a day. Moisturising keeps your skin looking radiant, plump and hydrated. By keeping your skin 'plump' you are less likely of having fine lines appear all over your face. Why not look for a moisturiser that includes a SPF and hydrates your skin, that way you combine tip 1 & 2.

3. Healthy Lifestyle

It is no secret that healthy skin makes you look and feel younger, but you need to always remember that what you put into your body WILL show on your face. Smoking is known to make your skin appear grey, deprives your skin of oxygen which creates fine lines on the face. Alcohol has the same sort of affect. It is key to keep a healthy, balanced lifestyle.. eat your greens! The small changes can have a big impact on making your skin look and feel radiant!

4. Embrace your age

In our day and age, it seems everyone is running away from the natural process of aging. You need to learn to embrace it! Our bodies are constantly evolving and the sooner we learn to be happier and comfortable in our own skin, the sooner our skin will start showing it.

5. Laugh more often

Stress impacts a lot! From sleeping poorly, eating excessively and feeling under the weather - these all have a domino affect on our skin! You need to clear your mind of stress and learn to laugh a little. Afterall, the most beautiful wrinkles of all, are the ones from laughing. 


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