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The pros and cons of dying your hair at home or a salon

If only dyeing your hair was as simple as choosing a shade and getting it over with. That is unfortunately not the case. What maybe the second most important question when dyeing your hair is whether or not you should do it yourself or have it done at a salon. To aid your decision here are a few perks and downfalls of dyeing your hair at home or at a salon.


At home

Dyeing your hair at home is a big task, especially if you’re going to only going to dye your hair more than a few shades darker or lighter than your current colour.


The biggest pro is that you save a lot of money. Buying a boxy dye is nearly three times cheaper than having a stylist do your hair and if you get your dye on sale and stock up you can save even more.

You can do anytime of day or night so it will fit into a busy schedule.


Depending on your current hair colour, the colour on the box may not end up as the final result on your head.

If you’re using a brand you haven’t used before, plan on bleaching your hair first or just don’t know what you’re doing, your hair can end up getting damaged.


At a salon

We all love salon trips to have our hair coloured, but our purses don’t share that sentiment.


You will get the exact shade that you want.

If your hair is done by a true professional, your hair will remain healthy and strong.


It’s very expensive.

I have heard from some women that salon dyes do not last in their hair as long as box dyes, then this will be dependent on the type of dye that your stylist uses.


These are just some of the pros and cons of colouring your hair at home or at a salon. What is your preference? Let me know why in the comments!

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