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The one about Nivea Visage's DNAge Cell Renewal Firming Day Cream

b2ap3_thumbnail_dnage_day_care.pngSo when you get to my age, which is 41 ( eek), you start routinely scouting the aisles at Dischem and Clicks for any new innovations in the anti-aging crusade. Nivea has come up with this range cleverly called DNAge ( DNA and age - get it?), which promises that it will increase surface skin renewal and protect the DNA of the skin from external damages to give you younger, firmer skin. It contains pure folic acid and Creatine and has an SPF 15,  which I was a little unimpressed by, as the product I have been using up till now has a higher SPF. This was the only downside to this day cream, but as most "in the know" advise you to wear a separate sun protection lotion on your face, this shouldn't be too much of a problem. This product is marketed towards the 35-55 age group. There is even a little graph on the side - very cute, since I sometimes battle to know which products to buy for my age group.

I was drawn like a magnet to the packaging which is metallic blue and silver with a holographic sheen to it and it looks quite sci-fi. Anything by Nivea is usually good and since my budget is a bit tight this month, the R139,00 price tag at Dischem sold it.

From the outset, I can tell you that I am completely impressed and bowled over by this face cream. I have used it for three days and I can already see a firmer looking face. After the first application, my skin literally glowed ( and not in a "shiny, my face has been hit by an oil slick" kind of way). Even after applying my primer and foundation, I could still tell that my skin looked nice and healthy underneath those layers. No shine developed during the day on my chin or around my nose, so the hydration is the perfect amount...even if you have a combination-type skin that is on the wrong side of forty.

There is a slight scent to the cream - quite Nivea-ish actually and not at all unpleasant, which fades quickly and the cream is very easily absorbed with no greasy residue.

This is a definite must try to anybody on a budget looking for something fab for their skin!

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