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The Millennial Guide to Staple Personal Style

The Millennial Guide to Staple Personal Style

.They are in fashion, design, social media, they not only know but create trends, they are the generation that is reshaping the world as we speak. Who are we talking about? Millennials, of course! They are at the forefront of fashion, diligently devoted to their own ingenuity when it comes to creating a look that even the Hadid sisters would applaud.

But no matter your age or style preference, not all of us are born fashionistas or informed so well that we can put together a sizzling hot outfit at a moment's notice. And this post is perfect for all you lost fashion souls, as well as those who are eager to learn more about how Millennials rock their authenticity, and what they can teach us on crafting a perfect statement wardrobe!

Comfort beats craze

Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

If a designer label attempts to sell a pair of insanely high heels that pinch all over, the Millennials will try them, but not without their assessment hat on. And they will not buy the trend unless it puts their comfort and preferences as the top priority of the creator. To that end, they are breaking all barriers in choosing garments that were once considered less stylish, but are now a staple of every wardrobe.

The once ordinary white sneakers are now the must-have footwear of every season, while your old college hoodie is now a statement piece as much as an emotional remnant of the past. You'll see them combined with the most expensive shirts, pants and purses around, and purposefully so. It's their way of wearing comfort as a way of life.

​Sustainability as a statement

Photo by GREG KANTRA on Unsplash

You want to follow in the Millennial fashion footsteps? You cannot do so if you don't support your local artisans, tailors and crafty folk, all of whom are creating unique pieces that get little to no marketing exposure. You also cannot do so without researching your brands first, choosing the ones with fair trade and cruelty-free properties.

It is no longer just about the clothes or if they're this season's spotlight item, but it's the story, the origin and the meaning that's essential to their decision-making process. For example, organic cotton tees may seem like a simple, bland choice, but when they are made locally and sustainably, they are the reflection of every Millennial's system of values. Same goes with the beauty products - millennials want the ones that are natural, vegan and cruelty free.

Vintage and contemporary

Photo by GREG KANTRA on Unsplash

The blend of retro trends with the modern times makes for a perfect blend for every Millennial. They like the eclectic patterns, the bold shapes, the asymmetrical cutouts, the fun twists and the intriguing fabrics used in the process.

There's no item small enough to make this timeless blend work to their stylish advantage. Take, for instance, funky high waisted bikinis which are a perfect mix of vintage and new, and an ideal choice for comfort-seekers (and we've already established Millennials fall into that crowd). Think even smaller, for example, with fun earrings and interesting ring stacks – they will fit the most unusual combos out there. When it comes to beauty, millennials are turning back to their vintage roots. They are less obsessed with covering up every little flaw and they choose trustworthy products. They often opt for well known, tested brands such as L'occitane.

Suit up…because you can

And not just because someone told you to. Millennials are big on expressing their confidence through the right choice of outfit, which leads us to the rising trend of using suits as their go-to classy look for many different occasions. And no, it doesn't have to be business-related, that's what makes it so much fun!Pantsuits in particular are gaining more traction in 2018, since ladies will start blending the velvet trend with a rich color palette to choose from, meaning that Millennials are taking this staple outfit several steps forward – straight into bold stardom of courageous colorful combinations and mixing sneakers with pantsuits.

It's always personal

Photo by GREG KANTRA on Unsplash

Whatever you buy, get or find, it's never a finished product. In every Millennial's point of view, there is always a way to upgrade your current wardrobe without even walking out of your home to shop for new pieces. In fact, that's their last resort.

Instead, get creative, and add a personal touch to your existing pieces. Make t-shirts out of blouses, crop tops out of tees, write an interesting quote, print a new image, add a broch, the sky's the limit! Whatever you do, always make sure that your pieces have your personal signature, making it a truly authentic style piece you can rely on to impress and dazzle.

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