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The Lipstick Effect in hospital

The Lipstick Effect in hospital

So as most of you know by now, I am Bi Polar, and had to be hospitalised and was on lying released a few days back, 

I spent Eid, a celebration in the Muslim religion in the hospital,  

But having the amazing husband I have he arranged for me to be allowed out for one hour, and then brought me a selection from my clothing and EVERY item of make up I owned!!

I didn't feel like celebrating so just got dressed (no make uo at all) and went to have lunch with the family after which I had to go back to the hospital, 

Now you have to understand that when is one in hospital for a mental conditions no matter what it is, we all have to have one on ones with the Psychiatric doctor who diagnoses and prescribes meds,  then one on ones with your psychologist where we talk in video,  and then two group sessions every day!!

The first is just to talk,  share our stories and our feelings and the second session is when we do physical activity like paint or excersise,  

After watching me our group psychologist decided as we were only ladies at the time, to have a make up session, we all went to our rooms and hunted yo beauty boots 

Other than my make up,  we had a ghd, nail polish,  mehndi and an array of facial treats and proceed to do the may on the left side of us!

It was honestly the first session that not one person looked at the wall clock and in fact we we spent three hours instead of one! And also, as our hands were busy in one way or another,  we opened up much more than any other group sessions before! It's amazing how much more comfortable a woman is talking about her issues when someone is doing her hair or nails or face!!!

I tattooed all the ladies in one way or another using the mehndi and each one had a positive word in the pattern, I am good applying menhdi and had the nurses asking for me to apply for then as well!!

Just making ourselves up made us feel better,  so I as a Bi - Polar patient can say that the Lip Stick effect is real, and worked on a group of over 16 ladies , with a range of differing diagnosis

And after we decided to do something out of group every day to make ourselves feel better, one day it was hands, the next feet

It's honestly truth!!!!

When you look good you feel good,  

I have to go in for a massive operation on the 20th on my nose to allow me to breathe correctly and I am scared of how I will look after, so I have placed all my beauty booty into my hospital bag already,  

So even if I am scared to look at the upper part of my face,  my lipstick will be making a huge effect on my state of mind and my state of beauty!!


I hope my story has inspired some women who are afraid to come forward,  Bi - Polar is a disease but it can be managed,  very effectively these days!!!

GHD is heaven sent ...
A little bit of this, a lot of the result

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