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‘The know-it-all ‘Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

‘The know-it-all ‘Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

A friend of mine is a mathematical genius! Like, who gets 100% for maths at university? So my BFF once remarked: ‘ No one likes and over-achiever’ and this came to mind when I first used the Real Techniques Expert Face brush.

 The reviews of this brush created by Sam and Nic Chapman of Pixiwoo fame were excellent and it really did live up to the raves.

The dome-shaped brush applied and blended in my foundation evenly, taking the coverage to another level. The synthetic taklon bristles brushes didn’t soak up my foundation (Estee Lauder Double Wear) and gave me a flawless, air-bushed finish. Pixel perfect? Yes!

This brush has short bristles that are tightly packed together. It’s a very dense brush but this brush is anything but stupid.



So could pass my pressure test? Ooooh, that sounded so Master Cheffy!

I placed the brush head down on the palm of my hand when I applied slight pressure downwards on the handle of the brush, the bristles did not separate or splay all the way to the mall, so I knew there would be no streaking when I applied and blended in my  foundation . . . and there wasn’t, the brush passed cum laude!


At first, I dotted some foundation on my face and used the brush to blend in my foundation in light strokes then in small circular motions. The result? Perfect!

The second time I used the Real Techniques Foundation brush (this brush passed the pressure test too) to apply my foundation, which after application didn’t really require any buffing, but I gave my face the once over with the brush and got an HD result.


The Real Techniques Expert Face brush is hand cut  for precise application.


The handle is just the right length and lightweight  to be comfortable to use and give you total control of the application.

A few blending motions  gave me the maximum effect without me having to moisturize my face with my foundation, buffing and buffing until it soaked into my dermis! I cringe when I see  women  buff, pull and tug at their face when applying foundation like it’s a moisturizer! Eish! It drives me cray cray!

If you are familiar with Estee Lauder Double Wear, foundation you know it dries quickly and this brush blended it before it set. I even worked in some of my  MAC cream colour base on the to of my cheekbones BB Queens, I got my glow on!

I spot cleaned the brush with the Rubybox Fresh in a Flash brush cleaner (I got that in my most recent box) and there was no shedding. ( a sign of good quality)

I store my brushes flat in a make up brush leather pouch  so it wasn’ t a pro for me that it is self-standing for easy storage. One of the nicest things about this range is that all brushes are 100% cruelty free, so I could look my Yorkie Kush in the eye and give him some biltong, just because it felt good.

This is one over-achiever I like!


Where to buy:

Price: $9 (US)

They ship worldwide!!!

If I may offer some advice, while 9$ is a reasonable price to spend on a brush, I think you should rather look at buying a few brushes then purchase them at once. That way you won’t have to pay super high customs costs  for just one brush. God forbid, the import tax costs more than the brush!



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