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The Innocence of Youth

Growing up I never gave much thought to when I'd start my period. It always seemed like a distant occurrence. That was until I actually got my period at the age of 13. I remember being absolutely mortified, not because I didn't know what was going on (my Mom had prepped me for this day) but because I was finally a woman and not a little girl. I so didn't want to grow up!

I started my period while staying at my cousin Felicity's house. Now, Felicity and I are extremely close, in fact I often refer to her as my sister, but we were both at that awkward stage of life where we didn't want to admit to each other that we'd both started our periods. When asked we both vehemently denied it. So when her dog decided to dig a used pad (gross, I know) out of the bin one day there was great mystery in the house as to who it belonged too. I can't remember who and it doesn't really matter, but the joke was we both had our periods and were too embarrassed to admit it.

It's only now that we're grown women that we admitted to each other that we'd both started our periods at 13. If only we hadn't been so embarrassed and dare I say it, ashamed, we could've supported each other through crippling period pains and hilarious tampon and pad stories plus those awful leaking accidents that happen to the best of us, which we now do. 

I hope that if I am lucky enough to have a little girl one day she'll realise there's nothing to be embarrassed about and that periods are a natural and healthy part of being a woman. I mean, men don't have an excuse for eating lots of chocolate and being grumpy once a month, and we do!

Were you embarrassed when you started your period?

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