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The in's and out's of the #dadbod trend

The in's and out's of the #dadbod trend

Trust Leo DiCaprio to launch a new social media frenzy! After images emerged of him sunbathing on a yacht, with a less than perfect body, the hashtag #dadbod began trending around the world. 

So what exactly is this #dadbod trend? The concept was coined by a 19 year old Mackenzie Pearson in her article: Why Girls Love the Dad Bod, on an American students new site. It celebrates the chubby exterior of a man, insisting that it is more attractive than that of a man with a chiseled six-pack. Nothing makes a women feel more feminine and petite, than with a #dadbod by her side. 

We've seen stars like Seth Rogan and Jack Black rock this trend. The #dadbod is all about the confident man...with a one pack!


Seth Rogan vs Zac Efron : the #dadbod wins!

But what exactly does this mean for women like you and me? This morning I woke up, it was dark outside, it was cold - but I put on my gym clothes and got my behind to the gym. Yes I do like maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but I also am aware of the immense pressure faced by women particularly in my small social circle to look their best. 

I have no doubt that women around the world feel the same kind of pressure - living in a state of deprivation to obtain that supermodel figure. Sadly, with such pressure, I suspect the #mombod will not be a trend that women will subscribe to. To celebrate their chubby figure, curvaceous hips and less than perfect belly. 

Are we to blame though for succumbing to this pressure? Why are we so self aware?  What do you think about the #dadbod trend?


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