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The Garnier Spot Corrector Experiment

I was chosen to review the Garnier Spot Corrector. The timing is amazing because my skin is in its worst condition pigmentation-wise! Years on the pill and some time experimenting with slightly acidic acne treatments without proper sun protection has left my face covered in huge brown splotches all around my face but most prominent on the top of my cheeks where I have a solid brown line. This is now the main target for this treatment.

Ok so my first impressions of the product:

Interesting packaging - I love the hard metal tube - it has a vintage feel but the products doesn't keep pouring out once you squeeze the tube. I has a nice design too!

The actual cream is amazingly smooth on the skin and doesn't leave your face oily at all. I guess that's the reason it works for all skin types.

On day 1 I used some cream before going to sleep  and the next day the skin definitely felt smooth and moisturized.

Looking forward to using it daily - let's see what happens!

Bye-Bye brown marks :)
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