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The Drastic Effect Of Eyeliner In My Life

The Drastic Effect Of Eyeliner In My Life

Hello Beauties!


Today I want to share with you all my utmost hoily -grail beloved product which  I honestly cannot live without! That is none other then eyeliner!. I just adore and appreciate the confidence and determination that this little product gives me! . My skin honestly has been messing around with me so much recently and when I apply  eyeliner it actually defines my entire face , making my skin not much noticeable . Whether it be Kajal or liquid eyeliner , im always reaching out to it before I go anywhere . It makes me feel simply just that beautiful! .



A little  secret! :Whenever I had an awful pimple on an occasional day I would over it up with an eyeliner and make it look like it is a beauty mark!



In the past , before I started using make-up I honesty felt so shattered about the way how I looked. I was so plain & so pale I felt as if I was the ugliest girl alive but ever since I stroked eyeliner on my eyes for the very first time I knew that it was love at first sight! I instantly fell inlove with the way it brought out my eyes . It has boosted up my confidence dramatically! . I can go a year without using other make-up but i  cant go a day without the eyeliner <3 .This product gave me   the opportunity to be out there with a smile on my face! . Oh heavenly eyeliner , you're a keeper!

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