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The Chinese Art of Hairstyling with Chopsticks

The Chinese Art of Hairstyling with Chopsticks

The Chinese are known for many things; one of which includes styling the hair in an elegant bun and then using hair sticks  to help twist up and lock down copious amounts of hair.

Long and beautiful tresses were considered a thing of beauty in Asian cultures from as early as the 1600s.  When hair became too long or to difficult to manage,  Asian women adopted various forms of topknots and buns;  slicked-back and sculpted up-dos were then adorned with hair sticks called "kanzashi." Today, chopsticks have replaced ornate "kanzashi" in both casual and elegant hairstyles.


Today, chopsticks are widely available  in many different colours, shapes, sizes and you don't have to be chinese or Asian to create a great hairstyle using chopstics.




I recently bought a couple of these 'fancy' chopsticks and it didn't cost an arm and a leg; in fact you can get them for free if you go out for some chinese food Lol. Just make sure you wash them off before using them as hair accessories (laugh)

The simplest and most elegant style to create using your chopsticks is as follows:

Step 1: Twist hair in a neat swiss roll or bun

Step 2: Secure with a few bobby pins

Step 3: Use one or two chopsticks to firmly secure the bun in place, like so:




Now I like to add a twist to this style using the following technique:


Step 1: Wash and Shampoo hair. Rinse

Step 2: Use rollers to set hair and allow to dry naturally.

Step 3: Remove rollers and use a curling iron to add more curls, focus on the ends more.

Step 4: Tie the hair in a loose bun using a few (less than 3 bobby pins just to secure most of the hair)

Step 5: Insert you chopsticks, one on each side of your head, with a few free flowing curls.

Step 6: Add hairspray and you are set.


I call this look The 'Chop-Suey'!.



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