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The Cellu-fight

The Cellu-fight

I've spent the majority of my adolescence and my entire adulthood fighting the noble Cellu-fight. I've tried everything from cupping to pills to lotions and potions but nothing seemed to work the way their manufacturers promised that it would. Over the years I've spent thousands of Rands on products that left me miserable for trying them in the first place (I call them "Voldemorts").

That was until late last year when I stumbled upon a treatment called Carboxy. Carboxy therapy involves the injection of Carbon dioxide gas into the skin of the affected area. You know the expression "Beauty is pain"? The doctor who invented this treatment certainly took this expression to heart.

First you go for a consultation and the doctor will tell you how many sessions you need to get rid of the problem - what this means is there's an initial weekly ritual of treatments and thereafter every month to maintain the results. Along with a string of dietary and other home care musts you are told to quit any alcohol consumption (this was really difficult, but when you think of the money you spend on the treatments, you tend to want to do what yields the best results).

Before each appointment, you have to take a couple of pain pills to take the edge off. The first time I went I forgot to medicate - needless (needles... da da daaaa) to say I was in for an hour of torture. However, after the first 6 weeks of going religiously and abiding by the rules of Carboxy I could see significant changes in my skin. I actually dared wearing a pair of shorts! And I looked good doing it! Ladies... don't think this comes cheap though. The bill added up to R8000 for the first 7 sessions.


They advise you to use a good scrub and a cellulite gel. I'm using Patricia Clarke cellulite gel - R485.00 (I'm really serious about getting rid of my cellulite) and I have a derma roller (these are pretty expensive - I got mine on a Groupon deal) It works very well in conjunction with my Hey Gorgeous French Roast and Vanilla scrub (It is the caffeine and organic sugar that does the trick really well) - R90 (small change in comparison to the aforementioned). This recipe works for me. Oh yes, don't forget to keep the diet healty(er) and the cardio up. Also... H2O - very important. 2 liters a day to flush out those toxins.

If you have any contributions to add to the recipe - please feel free to comment and share your thoughts. We need all the help we can get! xoxox



Day 7
Day 9 with Garnier Dark Spot Corrector

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