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Aaaaah...a good eyebrow wax and shape makes all the difference. Hopefully I will remember to keep them groomed now more regularly!

This month's challenge is turning me into a better woman on the outside at least ;) I will keep tweezing them regularly and make sure that I check them in better light than the 6 o'clock dawn provides.

I know a lot of ladies have used threading to keep their brows in check, but I have heard it is OUCH!! Maybe I should just try it. I can't imagine that it feels much worse than having someone viciously rip them of with a manufactured sticky torture substance AKA wax! Maybe I will try that next time I visit Beauty Care. We'll see...


I am just glad to have tamed my brows for now. All the best for the rest of the month ladies and keep looking gorgeous!



When I Grow Up I Wanna Look Like...
Beware Of The Prickles!

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