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Super Skinney Smodels & Me

Super Skinney Smodels & Me

So I was ready an interesting article in one of my fashion mags, might have been Cosmo?, about models now having to have photo shopping done to their pics for opposite reason than we think!  Yes….my first response was WTF! They are sooo skinny they have to have a fatter appearance made up?

So let’s look at this properly, what do we think is a sexy women, gorgeous and something we are envious of looking like?

I initially was like, well that easy…..I want to look thin but heathy and well toned, dah! But we all need to look deeper as there a few things that I, when I really questioned myself, knew wasn’t right.

So, I am going to be brutally honest about myself and my thoughts about my own body:

Ok, so I never think I am skinny enough and even when I was younger and crazy fit I felt this way.  Don’t get me wrong, I was never afraid to eat fattening foods or shy away from them.  I’ve never had an eating disorder but I do remember thinking, even when I was in my best shape, that I could be thinner, more toned, etc…

So let me tell you how I see my own body:  There are three things I don’t like about my body ( see, I tried not to say hate so I don’t come across silly ) – my bum, my feet and my boobs.

Lets start with my bum:  I have a big bum in proportion to the rest of my body, no not OTT but I can battle to find outfits that fit my waist and bum.  Even when I was skinnier in my ‘younger days’, I had a bigger butt than girls with similar body shapes and size.  Now, most guys I know like small bums and even though we talk of Kim K, and back then JLo’s, bums being amazing and big…I’ve never met a guy that I personally know that says – I like Kim K’s butt or I think she is sexy,  Only other girls.

My Feet: I have really big feet for a girl, always had.  I battle to find shoes and squeeze into things that are normally a size or two too small.  I know overseas brands have larger sizes but in SA the stores don’t stock them. For example, I have a size 10 Aldo shoe from US that fits perfectly but their SA stores only go up to size 8.  I can fit into some Woolies 9’s otherwise I try on shoes and if I can squeeze into them I buy them with the hope they will stretch to fit my fit.  So no cute peep toes for me…else my toes hangover.  Also, why do ppl think that if someone has big feet that they are crazy tall or hugely overweight?  Worst, my one foot is a size bigger than my other, I am a 10 flat and a 9 heel. Crazy considering I already was wearing size 8’s in std four at school and by 14 years old had bigger feet than my dad. I now have bigger feet than my husband!  So haha to all those men who said women had small feet so they can fit better in front of the sink…..not this woman! Most embarrassing moment for me and my feet – getting shoes at a special store, that sold only ladies shoes for people with bigger feet , for my standard 8 dance and being told I was one of only 3 female clients as the rest were drag queens!

My Boobs:  I was basically flat chested until I was 18 and still battle to find tops and dresses that fit me properly there.  I am a size 36 but have a small B bra size.  Lots of pushup bras and chicken fillets for me as most .


But here is the thing …..  My bum makes me more shapely and as I have grown older it doesn’t bother me anymore and more styles have come that make better fits.  Same with my boobs, I don’t hate it enough to get a boob job and, unlike a lot of my friends who are over or approaching 30 like me, my boobs don’t droop at all – they are quite perky lil buggers and some of my friends are actually jealous...I know of one girl I knew in my teens who I envied because of her amazing boobs who’s now had to have a breast reduction as she started having back pains as her frame was too small for them. And my feet….well I love shoes and thanks to this I can only buy a few ( I am going to ignore the prices of the ones I order overseas for now , makes me feel better = ) ) and it’s a fun quirk that make me a lot more unique and is a great ice breaker!

So, do I hate my body - No, do I wish I could be thinner – yes, do I want to be thin enough to go to gym more and be selective with my food –no. I know I could be in better shape but I still feel happy enough…and it helps my hubby loves my body.


So lets go back to these super skinny models because when I look at them now I don’t think its attractive, def not the super skinny ones, and I know that this is a fulltime job – looking thin and pretty.  If it was my job to be fit and thin I would be in much better shape than I am now – I sit at a desk or in meetings in an office environment.  There are very few people who naturally are that skinny, I work with one, and I am sure she has things she doesn’t like about her body even though others would disagree.

It’s just scary about how my thoughts about my body are so different now than when I was younger.  I am scared for teenage girls of today, models are skinnier now and there is even more pressure than what I had to endure over 10 years ago when I was in school.

I know that Vogue has banned models that are too young or thin to work or do shoots for their company.  I applaud them.  According to Conde Nast International Chairman Jonathan Newhouse, “Vogue believes that good health is beautiful. Vogue Editors around the world want the magazines to reflect their commitment to the health of the models who appear on the pages and the well-being of their reader.”  And even more the Vogue editors have agreed to “not knowingly work with models under the age of 16 or who appear to have an eating disorder.”

Even in the Uk the Advertising Standards have tried to limit too skinny model adverts and even banned one on a site called Drop Dead Clothing.

So why even hire someone you have to spend hours photo shopping to make look human and healthy?  Why do model agencies and marketers not turn the ladies away and not hire them?  Surely they have already have to spend ages on the computer programmes making the skin, hair and clothes looking flawless but now spending hours making them look fatter or skinnier must cost a fortune more?  Ok, so now I’m ranting and raving now…a lady who doesn’t even diet or properly gym ( if at all ) but I’ve come to conclusion and yes only after writing a lot of other nonsense, but my idea is this:

If we start with ourselves and make ourselves feel better about of own bodies surely that will rub off on the various designers marketers and public at large?  So lets start dressing in things that make us feel good about out our bodies, ignore trends that are soooooo wrong for our body types and start eating healthier for you- this can mean eating more, eating less, eating healthier or just start enjoying food again ( within reason ) and stop counting calories or feeling guilty for that extra piece of chocolate/biltong/pizza/cake ( whatever floats your boat ) and enjoy life!  Hopefully this will rub off on the younger generations and start showing in our media and advertising.


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