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My journey to clear skin with Oratane

I have taken my first dose today, and want to keep track and share how well it works


So I woke up with a killer headache, my clothing stuck to body with salty water, and waves lapping up my legs!!!

the sun was setting and behind me was a scene from survivor! only I was alone! 

As I started walking along the beach I searched my pockets for any item that could help, a lighter? Knife? 

But I found only my Eucerin Intensive Lipbalm!!! Not what I was looking for but still a godsend! My lips were dry and chapped from the sea water and the rough sand I had woken on...... thankfully I can also use this balm as a moisturizer, and hand cream! 

In the midst of this island mystery, at least when I reach civilization or I am rescued, it will not be with chapped lips and cracked skin! 


now to wear only lip balm for the next week!

Beauty Bulletin Challenge - Week 1: #OutOfYourCom...
Challenge Accepted...Here I Go

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