Ok so we are on week 4.... and ladies my skin looks amazing. I had a tough 4 weeks, I was at week two and going to totally give up on this whole project because my 'pf' was beginning to breakout in the worst pusy pimples. My t zone and cheeks were inflamed with these huge red humps and within a day it turns into pus filled pimples. Anyway being committed to the review and providing ladies with accurate and real information about beauty products I womaned up and went on using the dark spot corrector. After a really tough 3 weeks I noticed my skin calming down with the breakouts and the marks that I had (new and old) became lighter. So here we are at a point where I can't see myself moving on without the cream cause I bet the pf I had will because a pretty face once more and pizza no longer. Lol


Rester Belle! ♡