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Sometimes home-made beauty fixes are the best.

Sometimes home-made beauty fixes are the best.

​I used to be big on homemade masks and treatments and then just like that I got busier with life and found it easier to use store bought products even though i found them grossly expensive and much more inadequate than my DIY fixes.. so I thought to myself ,why not go back to what ,for me, worked best..

Then the cupboard raiding started ..I was looking for a firming and brightening mask and nothing edible firms and brightens better than Gram flour mixed into a paste using either milk or rosewater.. I prefer milk and a dash of rosewater as well but either one would suffice.

Next step is to apply lavishly to clean skin avoiding the eye area and wait it out for about 15-20 the mask dries it's going to tighten and you will feel a little weird but trust me it's working at firming and brightening dull skin. So once it's dry ,wet your skin and rub your face this will loosen the mask and make it easier to wash off ..after you're done have a look in the mirror and I guarantee you will see brighter,softer and more supple skin.

Works like a charm for me and it saves me oodles of cash..


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