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So Much Blonde, So Little Time

So Much Blonde, So Little Time

Where Does The Time Go!!


Here is an update of my experience so far with the Sheer Blonde range from John Frieda.





Let me elaborate. Have you seen what is on offer in the range? For starters, there is the GO BLONDER sub-range (so to speak) which works wonders if you like having hair that looks like it has been constantly sunkissed without breaking the bank.


In fact, using the GO BLONDER shampoo, conditioner and lightening spray regularly have really helped to keep my highlights looking fresh and new despite the fact that it has been a few months since my last highlighting trip to the salon. I am loving it. I do have sneaky suspicion that the shampoo might be banana flavoured...hmmm...kinda smells like a fabulous banana milkshake!LOL! But that could just be my wild imagination. It really has worked so well at keeping my blonde hair nice and...well... blonde ;)

Of course it really does help to alternate your usage of the go blonder products with the tone correcting sub-range. This combination of shampoo and conditioner has really helped to make sure I get the right blonde tone to my hair. It is the perfect compliment of the GO BLONDER range.


I had my concerns about these products drying out my hair in an effort to keep it looking blonder. But those concerns were soon put to rest. Whilst the Go Blonder range is not the most moisturising shampoo and conditioner John Frieda has ever made, it certainly doesn't damage my hair as much as I feared it would. And as if they read my mind, those clever little peeps at John Frieda went and created the Sheer Blonde Highlight Activating Moisturising Shampoo and conditioner! How brilliant can you get? Serioulsy. It is perfect.


This product is genius. I love alternating my hair washes with all these stunning shampoos and conditioners. My hair is getting so spoilt!

And just to top it all off...there is the Sheer Blonde Hairspray.


Yes, a hairspray that protects your highlights and keeps them fresh and renewed with every use. I am in awe. You blonde ladies will be wowed by this range so best you head to clicks and stock up. It can be a knock to the bank to get the whole range at once so I suggest starting with the Go Blonder range and pair it up with the tone correcting shampoo and conditioner. Then after your next highlighting session I highly recommend getting the Highlight Activating moisturising shampoo and conditioner. But definitely invest in the Sheer Blonde Hairspray. It will not darken your hair and it is great for holding in a soft style like 50's waves or beachy curls. 

I am loving my #SheerBlonde. 

I am loving being blonde! Because #BlondesHaveMoreFun!!!!!

Until next time,

Shelley #StyleSetter

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