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Smashbox #LustHave Product

Smashbox #LustHave Product

This morning, I applied my eye shadow attentively and carefully, a trio of harmonious chocolatey shades. I normally forgo eye shadow seeing as I never have the time, but this morn I managed to avoid hitting the snooze button!

I glanced in the mirror one last time as I left for work, satisfied with my daytime smokey eye.

An hour later at work is where it started going downhill, a colleague asked what I had stuck under my eyes and also on my chin (my chin?!). Shocked and confused I hurried towards the bathroom, past onlooking co-workers and ran almost straight into my manager. He looked at me like I had a lobster on my face, which wasn't a reassuring sign!

I turned the corner into the bathroom & as  I looked in the mirror, my face went bright red. The chocolate daytime smokey eye that I so carefully applied this morning, has now completely vanished from my lids and migrated fully to my under eyes somehow. I even had a smear of brown shadow on my chin area! To say the least, it was NOT pretty. I hurriedly washed it off with water, trying carefully not to disturb the rest of my makeup. Alas, I looked like a mess.

I snuck up up to the secretary at the front desk & told her I'm taking my lunch an hour early and she quietly nodded, staring wide eyed at my panicked expression. In the car, I composed myself, looking for my compact powder so I can try and salvage what is left of my makeup. That's when I realised that my compact is sitting neatly back at the office in my desk drawer. There is NO WAY I'm going back up there now.

I decide to drive to Canal Walk and use the back parking entrance at Woolies. I darted straight to the makeup counters in the middle and picked up a powder. The makeup assistant standing at the Smashbox counter asked me what's wrong & I just couldn't help but confide in this lovely, kind woman. I told her the story while she understandingly nodded and listened.  She reached over, took a tiny tube from the stand & handed it to me. She said that this little miracle has kept her eye shadow on for 6 hours straight today and will continue to do so until night time. The little bottle of miracles read: "Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer". 

I checked the price tag and realised that I only have enough money on me for the powder & that my eye shadow is already gone so it made sense to pick this up later in the week.

At the office, I'm eating my salad and checking Beauty Bulletin for some reviews on this product. I come across a sterling review as well as an article explaining how the product works. This is exactly what I need to keep my eye makeup looking fabulous all day long! I noticed the Smashbox competition and immediately I knew that it was MADE for me.

In conclusion, my Smashbox #LustHave Product is definitely and infinitely the Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer. I have no idea how I have lived without it for so long and I thoroughly need it! 


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