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♥ my perfect match! ♥ It must be love with my Smashbox lust-have!

♥ my perfect match! ♥ It must be love with my Smashbox lust-have!

She walks into a room filled with the most amazing things she has ever seen, but her eyes lock on one thing, the thing she has dreamed of all her life... Smashbox Studio Skin! The ultimate lust-have!

A life changing moment as she finds her perfect match! (2.2) (with a little bit of help from a lovely Smashbox assistant at Eastrand Mall Edgars ;))

... It clings to her skin as if it were naturally apart of her... smooth and flawless! It takes away all of her insecurities and she instantly exudes a confidence like never before! She had never experienced such a connection, all the foundations before could never quite match up to this one!

But sadly she has to say goodbye :( She hopes they will someday meet again with the help of Beauty Bulletin.. the ultimate match maker! ;)


#MySmashboxLustHave  #SmashboxStudioSkin




As someone that has battled with breakouts and red marks, its not easy to find a foundation that not only covers the marks effectively but also doesn't cause more breakouts! 

But this really is the most amazing foundation I have ever tried! As soon as I tested it on my skin it blended better then any foundation I have ever tried! Even out of shop lighting it was still perfect.

It created an awesome matt look and is oil free (great for my oily skin!) and even though it was just a swatch lasted ages! 



Cant see anything?.. that's cause its THAT amazing!!! ;)

 And I was delighted to see that it's not tested on animals! #SaveTheBunnies! b2ap3_thumbnail_rabbit-pet-insurance-alternative2.png

b2ap3_thumbnail_b2ap3_thumbnail_smashbox-animal-cruelty.jpg rabbit.gif

Skin definitely plays a huge role in my self confidence (as I'm sure most other woman would agree).. I could probably live without all other make up if I had to but not foundation!.. that's why its so important for me (and all woman) to find the perfect foundation.. which I finally have! 

Its not just foundation, its confidence in a bottle! :)






Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder
Three Generations of Olay Loving

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