Smash Box: Lights, Camera, Make up Time!!!


verything looks soooo much better with Primer!




In continuation of my blog yesterday, I tried the SmashBox Photo Finish primer which is simply a dream of a product. I am wondering why I only discovered it now?


Like many have said before, the face is the canvas and in order to produce the perfect picture or image, the canvas must be prepped properly with a good and long lasting primer that will not stain or smudge but provide the ideal application for a foundation.


Wouldn't you apply a primer to a wall before applying a good coat of paint? Common sense I guess?


I was a bit nervous at first to use the primer because I was thinking:


Wouldn't primer clog my pores and cause acne? or

Isn't that like applying a double shade of make up with foundation?  and


Do I still need to apply foundation after applying a primer?





The answers were very simple and Smash Box primer does it all in one for you.


No, it does not clog pores or cause any acne. In fact, application its extremely lightweight and easy to wear with absolutely no greasy or oily additions. Skin feels incredilbly light and smooth.


No, its not a foundation but, its actually helps to cover up and conceal blemishes and marks even better before applying a foundation. Kinda does the job we assume most foundations to do so much easier.


And Yes, you apply foundation relatively easily after apllying your primer, no mess no fuss. Everything is so much smoother, silkier and photo finished to the T


So ladies, what are you waiting for, get a Primer Right Now!!


Ready, set, go and prime