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Skin Saviour

Skin Saviour

I have horribly sensitive skin and it is the bane of my existence.  I have bought so many products in the past, only to have to pass them on to a friend or family member after a few uses, as they irritate my skin so badly.

An even bigger problem is that my skin, which has always been oily, has also developed dehydrated areas on my chin and around my nose, and this is where the sensitivity is at it's worst.

I really battle to find products that aren't going to make me break out, yet still hydrate and soothe my skin enough.  This summer has been pretty bad, as I've slept with my aircon on a lot and I wake up with tight feeling skin on my chin and around my nose, and it's just aggravated the redness horribly!

I used my rubyrands on RubyBox, in their swop shop, and decided to give the Clarins HydraQuench cream and HydraQuench mask sachets a try - they were 5 rubyrands for a sample sachet of each and I figured, why the hell not?!

Wow was I super impressed! My skin breathed a sigh of relief as I applied the cream and even sleeping with the aircon on, I wake up and my skin feels smooth and soft and soothed.  It's amazing stuff!  It is thick and creamy, spreads like a dream and smells delicious!  My skin is looking better already and is less red and irritated.

The mask is just as wonderful, thick and smells gorgeous and my skin feels baby-soft after using it.

I think this proves that my skin really has been suffering with the dehydration so much that it's become overly irritated and reacts to anything.  I'm hoping once I've sorted this dehydration problem out, I will be able to use products that I haven't otherwise been able to use.



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