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Shield MotionSenseâ„¢ Review

tSo by now, you should know that I'm back at the gym. If you don't, no shade but shade đŸ˜† JK, I know you knew that đŸ˜‚ . Obviously, excessive movement makes you sweat more and I HATE sweat. The smell, the feeling, the way it looks; everything that it entails is NAAASTY!

I saw this on TV and this was the first time that an antiperspirant excited me so much! Needless to say, I went out and bought it and behold, the Shield MotionSenseâ„¢ Review:

What they say
Shield, South Africa's number one selling deodorant and antiperspirant brand, has launched Shield MotionSenseâ„¢; the world's first antiperspirant with unique microcapsules that are activated by movement.Read more here

Shield Fresh Confidence Roll-On
The bad - The only disappointing thing about this is probably the second most annoying thing about roll-on - white marks. Now if you have dark skin like I do, this is not an ideal situation. When it dries it leaves a white ring around the area you applied it on and that has never been attractive.

The good - This really works. I've tried a lot of antiperspirants that claim to leave your pits dry/ feeling fresh/ looking great and they never do. This Shield MotionSenseâ„¢ stuff has definitely come from Jesus himself! It keeps you dry when you're nervous, excited or squatting and what's better than that?

Price: R28.95 at Clicks
Packaging: It's prettier than the normal bottle; it has a pearl effect and is slightly transparent so it's easier to tell when you need to re-stock.
Purpose: Serves it's purpose to the T. I guess you'll just have to choose between white marks on your pits or wet marks on your top! OR, just buy the aerosols!
Points: 8/10 because currently, this is my favourite antiperspirant ever!

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