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Self Pedicate Your Toes

Self Pedicate Your Toes

I am a toe freak and pedicures is apart of my every 2 week pamper session. I do pedicures myself as I enjoy sipping on wine with music in the background absolutely just chilling out and making it a treat. This is what I would rather do, I don’t want to sit at a salon and pay and an arm or a leg(or in this case a foot) while having nothing to do. Not only is it boring and expensive to simply get your toes neatened but it is also unnecessary. You might not think that you can do it yourself, but trust me ladies, if I can teach my friends how to (while drinking wine) then you can certainly do it!

Okay so let’s get started. Firstly we are going to take a look at what you need.

·         Strong Nail File

·         Buffer

·         Cream

·         Cuticle Stick (Orange Stick)

·         Nail Clippers

·         Sharp Nail File

·         White Nail Polish

·         Clear Nail Polish

·         Wine

Firstly, you will need to soak your feet in warm water. Not for too long, but you can do so for about 5 to 10 min depending on how long it takes to chill the wine! Dry your feet and wait about a minute. Next, use your cuticle stick to push the cuticles back. Don’t push too hard, but push them back as much as you can. You should be able to see it working. Okay, so now you will need your sharp nail file to clean under your nails and around the toe bed. This might all look messy which is a good thing, the messier it looks the more dead skin has been removed. Don’t bludgeon your toes though! So once you have completed these steps, you need to clip your toe nails. Not all the way to the skin though, you need to leave about 1mm or just over 1mm. This is the whole cleaning process complete.

Now we need to look at getting rid of discoloration



old paint and just start fresh. This part you need to pay attention to as it is what makes your toe nails look fresh! Take your strong nail file and in one direction file the top of your toe nail. So your nail file is flat and you are actually filing the entire surface of your toe. How hard and how long you do this depends on the severity of discoloration or neglect. You need to get rid of that top layer. Once you have done this to all your toes you are ready to use the buffer. The buffer is used in the same way; however you need to use it longer as we need to get rid of the marks caused by the nail file. Once it is all buffed out, you take approximately a teaspoon or less (for both feet) of cream and massage into your toes and nails.

Okay great, the grooming part is done and now we need to take a sip of wine. Now you need your white nail polish. We are going to make a white line on the top of each toe about 2mm in width. Some people like to use strips so they don’t mess it up. You can do this, but eventually you won’t need to. Now you wait for all the toes to dry .... back to the wine.

After about ten minutes you are ready to apply your clear nail polish! This is the final step. I like to use two coats of clear as it makes the peddi last longer!

Yay ladies, now you can wear those peep toes or slinky sandals and not feel like everyone is looking at your feet and getting ready to bolt! I hope this DIY tip helped you all, if you have any questions let me know...

Good luck and toodles to the terrible toes!

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