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Seeing is believing!

Seeing is believing!


Real SA women to represent groundbreaking anti-ageing skin range, Revitalift Laser Renew


Ten vibrant, confident South African women have been selected to take part in a local L’Oréal Paris’ campaign in which they will share their own personal opinions of and experiences with the new breakthrough anti-ageing skin care range, Revitalift Laser Renew.


The women are Desiree Jearey (41); Louise Marsland (45); Michelle McLaren (40); Rose Ralinala (47); Palesa Tshabalala (35); Deborah Timm (52); Monique Duckitt (42); Susan Roth (49); Shireen Abrahams (50) and Ayanda Peppeta (37).


These women were selected out of a group of 20 women who recently put Revitalift Laser Renew to the test during an intense four-week trial, where they had to use the full range of Revitalift Laser Renew products, twice daily, and then document the results.


All 10 women, who are busy working moms, were bowled over by the results, which the L’Oreal Paris brand team cannot wait to share with the rest of South Africa.


Desiree, who is a fashion designer, said she noticed a difference from the second week of the trial, and by the third week felt that Laser Renew could be the best regime she had ever used. While at “dinner with the girls” her friends asked, “Have you had loads of Botox?” to which she replied, “No, it’s L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser Renew”. The changes to her neck and face were “remarkable”, she said.


Editor, journalist and blogger Louise was amazed that in the first week of using the products she noticed the difference immediately. After four weeks she remarked that her skin “is smoother, plumper and more youthful”, and Revitalift had virtually erased the red vein sun damage she had been living with for the past 20 years. Now she loves the way she looks, even without makeup on!


Financial director Michelle said her skin “feels moisturised, soft and healthy” after the four weeks, a sentiment shared by Rose, an executive assistant, who added that her skin “looks and feels new and young again”, as if she had “bought new, youthful skin”.


Palesa, who is a makeup artist and advertising account director, also commented on her newfound youthfulness. She loved the Laser Renew Serum, which gave her a velvety feel without any shine. She said her skin felt “alive and vibrant” after the trial period, and her complexion was “fresher and brighter”. She was so convinced that she would be “replacing my previous brand with this awesome product.”


Life coach and financial manager Deborah described the trial as “bliss”, adding that “the products were a pleasure to use, as they were quickly and easily absorbed”, even in the humid conditions of her home town of Durban. She felt that “the greatest thing was that the products really improved the look and feel of my skin, which now feels plumped, fresh, smooth and pampered.”


Monique, a financial officer and housewife, and Ayanda, a brand manager, both commented on the “beautiful glow” their skin had acquired during the trial. Ayanda even shared her new found beauty secret on her Facebook wall.


Convinced that she had a plumper look and softer skin after the first week, independent travel consultant Susan noticed a “marked difference” in her skin in the four weeks, which netted her loads of compliments during and after the trial.


Executive assistant Shireen loved the soft, creamy texture of the cream and said her skin was “smoother, softer and looks much healthier” now. She didn’t think she could live without any of the Revitalift products and would definitely recommend them to her friends!


“Revitalift Laser Renew really is an incredible range of anti-ageing skin products. It promises visible results comparable to a laser treatment. It re-plumps, re-firms and refines the skin to leave it smoother, silkier and younger looking. As one can see from these testimonials, these are not just empty promises but realistic, achievable results,” says Alexia Beretta, L’Oréal Paris Skincare Product Manager.


The women who participated in the trial were drawn from all over the country in an effort to get a broad and varied view of the products. The one thing they had in common was their age – all were within the 35-55 age range, typically the period when the skin starts to show signs of ageing; the texture of the skin changes, pores are larger, fine lines and wrinkles appear and you lose the fullness of a youthful face.


“We make some really strong claims on Revitalift Laser Renew and we wanted to be able to show that consumers can believe in them. We wanted to do that through giving real women, not models or paid spokespeople, the opportunity to try the range and tell us what they really thought; understanding and tracking their personal experiences with the products was key. It was absolutely amazing to hear not only how good Laser Renew made the women look but – perhaps more importantly – how good it made them feel, which is great because Revitalift promises to make women look and feel years younger,” adds Beretta.


These women and their real-life stories and experiences will be used as part of the Revitalift Laser Renew SA launch campaign across various media platforms.

Tomorrow I will have the opportunity to interview these ladies and i would love to know what questions you Ladies have? So please add them below J

Kerri xoxo



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