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Saying my Bye Byes to Skeleton Eyes

Saying my Bye Byes to Skeleton Eyes


I won't pretend that I've have had an unbearably hard life. To be honest I have so much to be thankful for. I have always had an all round happy life. I respect the ladies who have shared their stories too much to compete with them, or make them in any way less inspiring than they are.

The truth is, whilst I have had a generally blessed life, it has had its ups and downs. One woman's problems may seem inferior or less serious when compared with another's, but if something knocks our confidence, makes us shine less brightly, if it dulls who we truly are, it does not matter whether it appears serious or not to others. If anything should dim our light, it's as serious and as important as can be. What is vital is that we identify the culprit and do our utmost to overcome it and shine regardless!

Since infancy I have battled with "Skeleton Eyes". What are Skeleton Eyes? Well, truth be told, there is no such thing. It is the name I have given to the dark circles that not only dull my eyes, but my spirit too. Since I can remember I have always had the darkest circles around my eyes. I have gone for Kidney and Liver testing. I have swallowed gallons and gallons of water and I have put sleeping beauty to shame. I have tried every old wives tale! Cucumbers? Water? Teabags? Steam? Sleep? None of them have offered substantial relief.

July last year. Relaxed, hydrated and happy, but there they are..."Skeleton Eyes"

Throughout my life, people have thought that I am ill. And although meaning well, their constant inquiries into my health has always left me feeling a little embarrassed and "a lot" self conscious! I have always been petrified of cameras! In some photos and videos you cannot see my eyes at all! There is just a black splurge where their striking green colour should be. Just the other day I was late for work and didn't have a chance to "put my face on". EVERYONE at work, including my own husband asked me if I was okay the entire day! They were genuinely worried about me because, thanks to my black skeleton eyes, I looked near death.

So what has changed? Why am I now bold, courageous and camera proud??

Mac NW25 Studio Finish Concealer has honestly allowed my light to shine brighter than ever!! Gone are my dull and darkened days!! It has allowed the sparkle to burst in my eyes, as well as my life. 



The miracle concealer is inexpensive and lasts me 6 months at a time!! Most days you cannot see even the slightest trace of my skeleton eyes. Rather than being distracted by the dark abyss engulfing my eyes, people now compliment me on their colour and vibrance! 

I wish that I could share my story with Mac, as vain and unimportant as it may seem. I want them to know that their product allows me to be me. It allows me to shine, not to hide in the darkness! And although it may seem silly to some, it has changed me. It has given me the confidence that I once lacked, the confidence to stare into the lens of that camera I once feared so intensely. It has given me the confidence to smile and to shine!

You've heard it being said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Well the curtains have been opened and my windows are crystal clear!

Ladies, don't ever feel that your problems don't matter, that they're small, insignificant. If they matter to you, that's ALL that matters!


And that's MY #LipstickEffect :)



Lit and light . . . MAC Cream Colour Base
Those Mean Girls

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