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Santoor Sandal & Turmeric Soap

Having often wondered about the benefits of Santoor soap and the claims of a somewhat cleansed, clear skin, one can only imagine my anticipation of testing this for review. My man got a mini sample bar, in his race pack recently and I quickly laid claim to the sample. The label indicating Sandal & Turmeric had me excited because history has taught me the exceptional benefits of turmeric. The vast benefits of which had me planting turmeric root in my home garden with elation and pride. I immediately ripped open the packaging and breathed in the distinct aromas of Sandal & Turmeric. A week of using this and I am ready to tell it like it is! The cake of soap lathers onto my skin in an aromatic fragrance of sandalwood and turmeric notes, almost like a face mask. I personally believe it does help alleviate oily residue on my skin surface and I do notice a visibly cleansed and matte complexion. The downside though is that it tends to dry out my skin and resulted in a breakout of pimples on my chin. This may be coincidental though my instinct prompts me to divulge that truthfully, I personally think they are related. Having for the most part had glowing, natural healthy skin, my expectations of this experience may have been a tad too high. 

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