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Sandton: Clinique Event

Sandton: Clinique Event

Being one of the Beauty Bulletin ladies to be invited to the Exclusive Clinique Event was such an awesome thrill. Say exclusive, invite me, treat me like a princess and send me packing with a fabulous goodie bag and you have your self an adoring fan for life.




I got to the Sandton Edgars 5 minutes late and I was in such a state but once I finally located the Clinique counter I saw that some ladies already were having drinks and being pampered. I got to meet some beautiful ladies, we talked nothing but beauty while I personally waited for my turn to be transformed from frumpy harassed looking soul into a diva ready for red carpet. Our cameras were ready to capture the magic. I knew the look I wanted and I was will to wait to put the new Chubby Stick Shadow Tints to test and see if they could live up to the high expectation set by the yummy Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balms. I knew what I wanted and it was a sexy sultry night look. The trick was I didn’t just want to be just made-over; I wanted to be able to pull off the same look by myself with confidence.


The demonstrations got under way and I got to wield the Chubby Sticks on my one eye.  In all honesty I was guided through the wielding by an experienced make-up artist with impressive Chubby Stick Shadow Tints that proved to be just as effective in colouring as the Chubby Stick Lip Colour Balms. Their lightweight and creamy texture made for easy layering and application. I found them to be more user-friendly that a brush applied eye shadow. Highlighting, adding depth to my eyes was breeze, I felt like a pro and I was confident that I can and will produce the same amazing results at home without worrying about eye shadow powder falling below my eyes.



The night might have started on flat note but it sure ended on a super high. I left the Sandton Edgar's Clinique counter looking like a million bucks, maybe not, but I sure felt like it. On top of the Clinique goodie bag I received, I had to add the 09 Current Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss to my goodies because well even a girl on a disabled budget cannot say no to Clinique products, they are that irresistible.

And as you can see by the happy smiles, I was not the only Beauty Bulletin Beauty who fell inlove with the Clinique's new Chubby Stick Shadow Tints.



With our cameras we captured the magic of the event and the fabulousity of Clinique's Chubby Stick range.

Importance of Primers
Clinique Event at V & A :)

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