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Samsh Box ooooooh smash Box for photo ready picture perfect make up

Samsh Box ooooooh smash Box for photo ready picture perfect make up



I was like a kid in a candy store when I visited my smash box counter this weekend to try out some of the smash box make up products. OOOOH soooo many products to choose from I could not help myself at all.


Smash Box is really the in-thing now  so I tried 3 different products:




This is called the Smash Box Be Discovered Lipstick rich in Vitamin C and shea butter guaranteed to provide long lasting lip protection, hydration and conmfort. I found this lipstick very easy to apply especially now in the winter months when I find my lips very dry, chapped and sore, this lipstick will really come in handy. Plus its soo easy to apply, it just glides on and its not too bright to wear any time of the day. I like this product very much and I am adding it to my basket and Lippie products Must Have's.

After application, my lips felt instantly softened and much less dry, I can get used to this lipstick lol Plus it didn't end up on my teeth like what nornmally happens with my other lipsticks.

Great product that is sooo true to its name and value. I was discovered and saved.



Product number 2 was a Blusher

This one is called also Be Disovered Light Cream Blusher



Looks like I am on a roll to be discored here. I choose to experiment with this because my skin is very fair and I dont want a heavy blusher to discolour my skin or even to light to turn me into Zharina's Ghost, no thanks lol

A light sweep across the cheeks is all you need and you good to go. It like applying a light shade of soft babay powder to your skin for a not too glamorous but softened winter look. I like I like.....



I am not a blusher fan beacuse I always belived that it adds colour in all the wrong places but, I am a 'Blusher Revert' now thanks to Smash Box. Wwill continue testing this one out in the future.



And last but not leats, the product I have been dying to try out the entire time, ladies please welcome the famouns, Smash Box Primer Foundation:





I have sooo much to tell you about this but, I decided to save all my feedback for tomorrow so I can keep you in suspense just a little longer but to have something to look forward to.


Have Aa 'Smash Box' Day!


Smashbox O-Gloss Intuitive Lip Gloss
SmashBox oooooooooh, Smash Box

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