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Sally Hansen No More Breaks. A waste of money

Sally Hansen No More Breaks. A waste of money

Hey there everyone!! So today is my first official blog based on a beauty product, and it's not for all the right reasons.

About 5 weeks ago I took the last bit of penniless student money I had left and set out on a quest to buy some nail care products in a bid to give my sad, peeling, chipping nails a pep to growing longer and stronger. I already had it in my mind that I was going to buy something from Sally Hansen...I just didn't know what. I had brought a 7 Step nail care board (or whatever the hell they're called) and a nail file and so the last item on my list was nail strengthener.

So off I went to Clicks. Initially I was bent on buying Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails as it was slightly cheaper than the other nail strengtheners I had seen in Clicks before but sadly they didn't have it in stock...late for me -_- SO considering that Sally Hansen is flippen Sally Hansen, the power of word of mouth and a good branding position the product had with most of its consumers, I automatically assumed I could just by an alternative within the price range of Hard as Nails and still see results. Cue Sally Hansen No More Breaks. The words "No More Breaks" had me firmly at the hand and was leading me quite excitedly to the till talking about how much fun we'd have and how lovely and long my nails would be "about 3 inches!!!", it said.

Well....let's just say if No More Breaks was put in a race against the Oxford Dictionary, my brick phone CrackBerry and a pot of tar...No More Breaks would lose...BADLY. So bad it would get put in retirement. A funny transparent yet green tinted liquid that isn't goopy or thick (1 point to NMB) and coats the nail pretty well and dries like a boss, I felt liberated, like the boy in my accounting lecture would notice how shiny and lovely my nails looked and ask me on a date, this stuff had me pretty amped!! Fast forward by 4 hours and I start to notice air pockets between my nails and the nail polish. Fast forward another 2 hours and suddenly...THE DAMN THING STARTS TO CHIP!!! Thinking I could outsmart it I removed it, painted two coats on and let it dry. It chipped. Put two coats and a coat of colourful nail polish. Chipped. 2 coats of NMB, 2 coats of colour nail polish AND a topcoat plus wrapping the tip and under the tips of my nails. IT FLIPPING CHIPPED!!!! 

I was confused, mortified. I felt robbed of my money. Money I could have used to buy a Zinger box at KFC and still go to Chicken Licken' and buy more hot wings. Now the boy in my accounting class will see my ugly, chipping nails and wonder what the eff is going on in my life and probably assume I'm recovering from a drug addiction =/

I still have the stupid nail polish. I still use it, because no way in hell I'm gonna buy something and, even though it's faulty, not use it. And yes, even to this day, it STILL chips. The experience has left me traumatised. I'm too scared to risk starvation just to spend more money on something that doesn't work, AND, do not be fooled...this stuff doesn't even give you the benefit of the doubt and at least fortify your nails, never mind the fact that it fails to adhere to the nail plate.

*le sigh* Sally Hansen No More Breaks should be called Sally Hansen No More Breaks But Chips in Under 6 Hours and there's Nothing You Can Do about It. Throw in a smiley face while you're at it...smh

When life hands you lemons....
Try this to get the Softest Legs ever!!

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