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Sally Hansen Miracle!

Save your natural nails, post -acrylic!

I've never been one to try acrylic or false nails, up until a year ago. Before I ventured into the world of acrylic nails, my own nails were very strong and fast-growing. But after I started discontinuing my fake nail stage, I noticed how brittle and especially thin my nails have become.

I started drinking gelatine dissolved in warm water (it tastes horrible) but I couldn't see any results, but to be fair, I only used it for a week. My taste buds couldn't take it any longer and believe me, they thanked me when I stopped drinking the gelatine.

As I started to look for a remedy to cure my poor poor nails, I couldn't find anything, I even tried some garlic cutex that is said to enhance your nail growth, and that too, did not work.

It became evident that the acrylic nails did not do my own nails a favor. I was as frustrated as you can imagine and then I remembered what my aunt's secret was all these years (she has the most beautiful long natural nails), it was Sally Hansen's Maximum Grown nail varnish.

I rushed to the nearest DisChem and payed about R80 for a decent sized bottle of the nail varnish. I got home and immediately applied it to my clean and broken nails.

As soon as I applied it, my nails felt sturdier, like it created a protective barrier. The box said to apply it every other day, and that's what I did. Every second day I would clean my nails and reapply the Sally Hansen. About a week in my nails still broke, but it stopped chipping. About two weeks in I could see a real difference, my nail growth rapidly increased and it started looking healthier. I then stopped applying it every other day but rather used it as an undercoat under other nail varnish.

As my nails grew, it broke less and the chipping stopped. Sally Hansen rescued my nails! I couldn't believe the difference. I would recommend Sally Hansen to anyone and everyone. Now I live with Sally Hansen in my handbag!

I absolutely love this product!

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