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Bramley Cocoa Heaven Talc Powder - R12.99
Bramley Cocoa Heaven Hand & Nail Cream - R12.99
Bramley Cocoa Heaven Body Butter - R15.99
Available from: Pep stores nationwide

Now anyone who knows me, know that I am a huge Bramley Cosmetics and Toiletries, `Magnolia fan` as I just cant get enough of Magnolia by Bramley products. But let me tell you about another range, which has got me loving Bramley products even more. Bramley has a Cocoa Heaven range available, which contains notes of vanilla (sweet and seductive) with elements of tonka and cocoa beans, which creates a delightfully appetising fragrance. I am not huge of cocoa fragranced body products, as in most instances, its just too sweet and too much for my nose to bare, but Bramley cosmetics got the mix just right. As it first application of the body butter, which is rich and creamy, you definitely get the scent of Cocoa and vanilla, but later on it seems to settle in nicely and just leaves my skin soft and moisturised. The body butter retails at R15.99 and you can easily purchase it at your closest pep stores, nationwide.

Whats good about the Cocoa Heaven Range is that with all of the Bramley skincare body ranges, it contains Vitamin E and Bio- Pharm oil (assists with stretch marks, scar tissue and very dry skin) and non of the products are tested on animals. Whats even better is that all of these products are suitable to use daily, so go on ghel get you some!

About the Cocoa Heaven Talc Powder:
Now as mentioned before, I am a huge fan of the Magnolia variant and more so the Talc. As with the Magnolia Talc, I love it, as its not too sticky and doesnt end up building onto my skin. I love pouring powder down the front of my tops which I wear to work, so the Cocoa Heaven Talc Powder is doing me plenty of justice in that way. Tip: When your hair becomes too oily after a blowout, add some of this powder on your hands, and run your fingers thru your hair. My hair is left smelling so nice and fresh, as a weekly touchup.😉

About the Cocoa Heaven Body Butter:
It almost immediately, moisturises my skin, with its yummy and creamy thick texture, it leaves my skin soft and supple and i just feel like im being pampered and cared for. Tip: I apply it onto my heels at night, then I put on a pair of socks and in the morning, I am left with baby soft feet. Who says winter has to be tough on your skin.

About the Cocoa Heaven Hand & Nail cream:
Its non greasy, which I think a hand & nail cream should be, as you dont want it rubbing off allover on things around you. My hands are protected, thanks to the Cocoa Heaven like barrier this hand cream provides, leaving my nails and hands, soft and shiny. You wont have dry hands when you use this hand cream thats for sure, but again, if you not big on the Cocoa or warm musky smells, rather dont opt for this variant of hand cream.

Other products in the Cocoa Heaven range includes, a body lotion, tissue oil and roll- on.

Have you used Bramley Cocoa Heaven products before? Yes /No? Please tell me how you feel about these Cocoa Heaven products and or feel free to leave any comments.




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