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Review: Pure Royal Jamaican Castor Oil + PH Balanced Neutralising Buffer Shampoo

Brand: Pure RoyalProduct: Jamaican Castor Oil (150ml - R88) + PH Balanced Buffer Plus Neutralising Shampoo (250ml - not available in stores yet)Enter your text here ...

I've used the Pure Royal branded product before (Olive Oil Hair Mayonnaise) and although I was not completely convinced by the product or the brand, the hair mayonnaise worked but not 100 on my type of hair. So when I had been sent the Jamaican Castor oil and PH Balanced Buffer Plus Neutralising shampoo, I was not that excited to give it a go. However, my opinion about this brand quickly changed, and with good reason.

About the Jamaican Castor Oil: It has been proven as an effective hair care product with the main ingredient being Jamaican Castor oil as well as other natural ingredients that would help treat dry and damaged hair as well as promote hair regrowth and growth whilst strengthening the hair from its root to its tips.Ingredients: Amongst others contains castor, sunflower seed, coconut, tea tree leaf, almond, grapeseed and rosemary oils.

My Experience with these products:I did a quick wet flat twist on my hair, and before hand, I went in and used the PH Balanced Buffer Plus Neutralising shampoo, which claims to lock in hair colour (not tested), restore`s elasticity, repairs cuticle damage. To me, I loved the texture of this product which is smooth in consistency, and thoroughly cleaned my hair of any excess product buildup which I might have had during that week. My hair was left full of volume, soft and shiny and ready to be styled. I went in and applied the Pure Royal Jamaican castor oil, which I didn't like the top of, since it had to be screwed off but nevertheless. This product is heaven sent! Love, love, love it. I did my hair last week Wednesday, and today its Monday and its still fully moisturised and smelling good. It has a hint of mint which I love for its freshness. For instant refreshing of hair, you can just spray your hair with water and use a dash of this Jamaican castor oil whilst following with re-twisting of hair. Your hair will thank you trust me! The Buffer plus shampoo can also be used as a setting lotion on ones hair, before heat styling it, without causing any flakiness ( as I try not to use heat on my hair, I didn't go ahead and test this).Loves Jamaican Castor Oil:-love its smell (easy on the nose, with a hint of mint)-affordable and easily available to purchase at stores-helps with hair loss-treats dandruff-helps with thickening of hair, by encouraging hair regrowth-helps to repair split ends-improves hair elasticity-non greasy-good product for moisturising natural, dry hair in order to do twists, braidsHates Jamaican Castor Oil:-Non squirt bottle, so application can be messy-Not a fan of the product packagingWould I recommend it?Yes I would definitely recommend these products, and not only for naturalistas but for those using chemicals too especially. The PH Balanced neutralising shampoo, strips the hair of any chemicals left behind on the hair, and leaves it soft and shiny. And the Jamaican castor oil, helps to treat dandruff, and repair split ends. Definitely a winning combo.

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