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Review: Avon Ultra Glazewear Absolute lip glosses – Creamy Coral & Nourishing Nude

Review: Avon Ultra Glazewear Absolute lip glosses – Creamy Coral & Nourishing Nude

When I got the message that I was chosen to be part of this review club, I could hardly contain myself. I’ve developed a serious lip gloss fetish over the last couple of months and have managed to collect an impressive amount of lippies. These ones however are a step above the rest and here’s why:

Smell: they both smell absolutely amazing! I was tempted to lick off the stick as I plastered the gloss on my lips. Think pink candy, mixed with love and a sprinkle of joy – then you’ll get a vague idea of how amazing the smell is.

Texture: It’s not sticky at all, which is very unusual for me because the glosses I have, have a tendency to make your lips stick together, and I would like to know that I can still eat and drink after I’ve applied lip gloss. Note to self: use other lip gloss for effective weight loss.

Consistency: It has a lovely silky feel to it but isn’t runny or overly thick/clumpy.

Colour: I got two really natural looking colours – Nourishing Nude and Creamy Coral. If you’re wearing a colour stay lipstick and looking for a gloss that will give it that extra “wow” factor, I suggest using these lip glosses. They won’t influence the colour of the lipstick all that much but the difference they can make is amazing. Also, they don’t try too hard – you don’t want a gloss that is totally overwhelming and these lippies give you just enough colour to not look like a corpse.

Why should you use this gloss? As I mentioned on my video – the skin on your lips are totally different to the skin on the rest of your body:

1. They don’t have any sebaceous glands – these are glands that keep the skin moisturised. And because the skin doesn’t have these, they rely on mucus (that’s why we feel like we need to lick our lips) to be kept moisturised. But… that’s not very attractive. Avon’s Ultra Glazewear Absolute lip glosses are PACKED with moisturising ingredients like shea butter and jojoba oil (amongst others) that does the job brilliantly. No more flaky, dry lips!


2. They don’t have melanin – this is a pigment that protects the skin from UV rays. Because the lips don’t have melanin, they are more prone to sunburn and this is why your lips are particularly dry when you’ve been in the sun. NO MORE! The Ultra Glazewear Absolute lip glosses have a SPF 15 which takes away the worry of sunburn.


These lip glosses are also super affordable and currently go for R89.99 for a lip gloss AND a lipstick of your choice. Also, there are 10 different shades (I made an oopsie in my video because at the time I thought it was 23 different shades) so there is no excuse for not having one of these crazy awesome glosses. With names like Soft Peach, Heavenly Honey and Tender Pink, who wouldn’t want to dive right in and get them all?

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