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Review: Avon Tinted Lip Balm


Recently, I bought all three shades of the New Avon Tinted Lip Balms. There are three colours available namely: Reviving Raspberry, Soothing Strawberry and Protecting Peach.

These Lip Balms contain beeswax to not only seal in moisture, but to threat and soften lips. It literally glides onto the lips, leaving it full of moisture with just a hint of colour. I did some swabs below just to give you an idea of the texture of these lip balms. I absolutely love the white lipstick tube, it so eye catching and its new and fresh! Also the top of each tube, is translucent which makes it easy to identify which colour of lipstick is in the tube! Well done on this one Avon! ;-)

When I apply the lip balm, not much is needed of it, so with one or two quick swoops my lips are covered. Remember ladies, these are not lipsticks so the effect wont be the same as a lipstick. Also, because no lip liner is used with it, it tends to run and at times go all-over the lips, so just look in the mirror when you are busy applying it or once done applying it. With Vitamin E and Sheer Butter, your lips stay smooth and soft all day long, and a plus is that it doesn't lead to flaking of the lips, which some other lip balms do tend to do! ;-)

The lip balm stays on for quite some time and trust me you wont even notice you have it on. Each Lip Balm retails for R64.95 (February 2015, Avon Catalogue) and can be easily purchased online

Avon ultra color rich brilliance lipstick
Avon colortrend eye pencil in sparkling green.

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