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Review: Avon Planet Spa- Facial Oil with Mediterranean Olive Oil

​Brand: Avon Planet Spa
Product: Facial Oil with Mediterranean Olive Oil
Price: Retails for R99 at present (September 2016)
Texture: Oil
Size: 30 ml

Firstly, I am obsessed with any and most skincare products as I pay careful attention to my skin, and rarely end up having skincare issues, besides the odd pimple here and there. Thus, I have been on the lookout for a good facial oil since earlier this year, and when I saw this in the Avon catalogue I just had to give it a go. I must mention, I am still very new to Avons Planet Spa products as this was the first product from Avons Planet Spa collection which I chose to give a go.

The facial Oil is rather nice to use on ones skin, and I was very sceptical at first since I already own an oily T-Zone. I use the oil at night, even though it can also be used during the day, but I prefer not taking that chance, as I don't want to end up looking like someone who just washed their face with some petroleum product - no offense, but I am just saying. As previously mentioned, I have an oily T-Zone. So I would cleanse my face as per usual at night, and tone with my usual toner. Thereafter I apply a few drops of the Avon Planet Spa Facial Oil with Mediterranean Olive Oil onto my skin and neck, massaging the product in gently in circular motions. I found the Mediterranean Olive oil to help soothe my skin, when it starts to itch and it also helps to soften dry skin areas. P.S: this oil is safe to use all over you body. The Olive oil in the product does come thru slightly but the smell is not that overbearing at all. Now if you are anything like me, I always tend to struggle when it comes to taking off difficult black eyeliner. I've used a dot or two of this facial oil on a cotton bud to take stubby eyeliner off my eyes, without causing too much damage or any wrinkles in the process. The packaging of this product makes it feel very luxurious and regal with gold like finishes and soft tones of olive - reads elegant not too loud. I just love it! *Remember to rinse off this oil in the morning, before applying makeup/day cream.

Easily absorbed into one's skin
Only need a few drops for each application
Works on wrinkles and moisturizes skin.
Good product to use after dry winter months.
Doubles up as eye makeup remover.
Safe to use all over body, I often use it on my elbows, knees.
Compact 30 ml size, easy to carry all over with you gym, work, weekend away.
Available from most Avon Reps, and online
Great quality product
Beautiful packing

Olive scent might be too much for some users.

My Rating:
4.5/5 I would definitely repurchase this product, as its a must have and easily absorbed into one's skin. Its also very affordable compared to other Facial Oils, so why not give it a try. The compact 30ml size, makes it easy enough to take all over with you, gym, work, even a weekend away.
Please note: This product was not sponsored by Avon or any of its reps.

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