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I have been amazed at the natural hair movement that has been taking over YouTube, Facebook and even Instagram. I won't lie I follow a few of these natural sisters and I'm inspired to go natural. 


With all the research I've done, I'm scared!

Why you ask?

  • I've seen the struggle and I'm convinced I have 4c hair (this is the most ethnic of the ethnic, zero curl pattern, super shrinkage hair). It's beautiful, the many style's that can be achieved with this hair are limitless.

I'm still scared.

  • I'm more afraid of how fussy the hair is and how much time I need to spend on it to make it           beautiful and grow it. As I sat down and watched these ladies show me how to do Bantu Knots and twist outs, co-wash to water only washing, natural oils and natural conditioners. I saw the maintenance and as a student I was not ready to commit. 

I'm scared

  • Not committing but cutting the hair that's currently growing on my head. My hair is 14 inches long and I have been relaxing for 10 years. I decided to grow my hair 8 years ago in the hope of having super long hair to style for my matric dance. That happened its thick its full and I relax twice a year or three depending on the rate of growth. 


I will begin my own journey, getting my relaxed 4C hair to waist length :)

It's going to be hard, but I will try and document what works and what doesn't. This is less strenuous and I'm sure I will have enough time to maintain it. 

One day when 24 hours are truly 24 hours I will begin my natural hair journey but for now I'm choosing the easy way out :)

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