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Red is the new Black

Red is the new Black

So the lipstick effect theory goes a little something like this: when facing economic hard times, the consumer (thats us ladies) will be more willing to buy less expensive luxuries. This theory infers that when times are tough, us as women still have a deep desire, nay, need, to feel beautiful. And when we can't afford that Chanel handbag, you best be darn sure that we'll hike up our skirts, get on with the grind and make a plan to be able to afford the Chanel lipstick. Hence lippy sales figures never seem to dwindle when we fall on economic hard times. So all those times you excused a makeup splurge by telling yourself that you're saving the economy, well, technically you were.

The Beauty Bulletin #LipstickEffect challenge invites us to share a story about a beauty product that has made us feel particularly beautiful or confident, or empowered us to do something great. And I immediately associate one colour with empowerment, and that colour is red. Red is the colour that turned an insecure girl into a happy, healthy and confident woman.

It took a long time for me to come around to the colour red. I avoided it like the plague and convinced myself I couldn't pull it off. But then, one day in my late twenties, after a bad break-up, being sick of a career I hated, I took some solid advice from a friend and changed my attitude to life, and makeup as well. I needed to be bold. So I tried two cult favourites: MAC lipstick in Russian Red, and Essie nail laquer in Really Red. These were the game changers and day savers. From shying away from red lips, fearing it would look harsh on my thin lips, I came out of my shell and embraced the strong, sophisticated side of myself. The same went for red nails. They always seemed either too mature for me or, in the wrong shade, incredibly tacky. However, upon finding the perfect shade, I found it truly empowering and when I wear this colour on my nails, I feel like the epitome of class and truly unstoppable.

I now find myself loving being 30, having learnt to love my body, my style and who I am. Maybe it did, and maybe it didn't, but I like to think two little bright, red superstars in my makeup bag had something to do with that. I could be as sexy as Marilyn Monroe, or a badass in the boardroom like Ivanka Trump. I could be as classy as Carolyn Besette, or as edgy as Rihanna. Either way, red lips and nails make me feel in control, and I love it.




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Voila Volume!

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