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Protective Style Challenges

Protective Style Challenges

I just started a 90 day Body Transformation challenge (I'm on day 5, whoop! Whoop!!) and this got me thinking about doing a 90 day Protective Style Challenge.This means that my hair will be in some kind of protective style for most of this period with my hair only being exposed for a few days in between washes.

I have never really done something like this before, but this is what I was thinking:

  1. Wash my natural hair and follow with a protein treatment.
  2. Next day, get my hair braided (I was thinking box braids) and keep the style for about 6 weeks (washing them every 2 weeks)
  3. When the braids come off, do an intense deep conditioning treatment and let my natural hair breathe for a couple of days before I choose my next protective style.

Have you done a challenge like this before?

Do you have any protective style tips to share?

Maybe some of your favourite styles might help me…

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