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Product Reviews: New Improved Dove Antiperspirant Deodorant

​If you haven't tried the New and improved Dove 48H deodorant you should do so now! I was lucky enough to be presented with the opportunity to test and review the new and improved Dove 48h Deodorant, which has this time around been tested on 100 colours and here are my thoughts on this product.

Retails at +/- R28.95- R30.00 Nationwide
Size: 150ml
How to use: Shake can well, and hold 15 cm from underarm and spray onto skin
48 h odour and wetness protection
non irritant
1 can can last up to 7 weeks
Alcohol free, so its safe to use on shaven armpits

Dove in shoes- YES, IN SHOES! Summer feet, needs refreshment, when humidity in Cape Town leaves you with sweaty feet, which you cant contain in either your favorite pair of heels or sandals. Simply spray some Dove onto your feet and in your shoes, leaving your feet soft and smelling beautiful, and also moisturised with 1/4 moisturising cream. Yay, here's to no more sweaty feet.

Dove anti-perspirant Deodorant, delivers beautiful underarms, with no white marks as its been tested on 100 colours, and has a translucent formulation which goes on clear and stays clear. As with all Dove Deodorants it contains 1/4 moisturising cream, which nourishes your skin and leaves it soft and smooth. #100colourchallenge #48hourchallenge

Say goodbye to all those wet, yucky gel like deodorants, which you have to walk around in the house, with your arms up, waving about, like someone who`s high on something, and say hello to NEW Improved Dove Invisible dry 48 Hour Deodorant, with a moisturising creamy formula.

The packaging is pretty much the same as the previous packing, only now, we are presented with the fact that the new and improved formula has been tested on 100 colours which to me is a bonus, since I love wearing not only black garments but all kinds of coloured garments. And yes, this is definitely am improved formula. As I have been using this product over the past two weeks, I have found I can easily spray it directly onto my clothing, without being worried that it might leave the odd, white line of powdery residue, which might smell lovely, as all Dove products do – but is way less attractive when it comes to looks, when going out to gym, my daytime job or out on the weekend. So no scrubbing or rubbing of white lines are required which gets my vote.Another thing I noticed about this deodorant is that soon after I have shaved my armpits, I can easily spray on this deo, without being worried that it might sting. With my previous deo which contained alcohol I usually found myself dabbing my armpits with baby powder, after shaving them. With Dove I can now without being fearful use my Dove Deodorant to sooth my shaven armpits.
What I luvvv about all Dove Deodorants, it provides me with 48 H protection, with a clean and confident scent, it goes onto my skin light and smoothly. I feel absolutely fresh once I have applied this deodorant. Dove is unlike any other Deodorants as it contains 1/4 moisturizing cream, which is proven to improve not only the look but also the feel of my underarm skin. So yay, to less stubble you know what I mean, that awful hard and dried out underarms which is caused by Alcohol in products. P.S: bonus Dove contains no alcohol, hence the powdery finish it gives off when applied to your shaven underarms, here's to no burning and redness at all! Hello, Beautiful Results!

Guess what, I am sure you are going to be surprised on what I have to say next. Usually my Boyfriend would shrug whenever I am around him, and start spraying either my perfume or body sprays, and always come off with `its too strong` or `it's too sweet`. He`s response to me using Dove 48H Deodorant was `baby it smells so good`. And was I pleasantly surprised. So from now on I will only be using Dove Deodorant. The Dove Improved formula is a rich, moisturising creamy formula which will keep you smelling good, and moisturised for a total of 48 hours. I love this Deodorant so much now, I've actually added it to my daily beauty routine, so that I never go without it. I mean who has time for sweaty armpits, that actually might ruin your moment to shine, by showing off that nasty, wet patch.. you all know what I am talking about! Here's to using Dove Invisible Dry formula throughout the year #bringonsummer #100colourchallenge #dovesa #rubybox #48hourchallenge #nadineknowsbeautyblog

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