Product Empties: Buy or Bye?

The empties have surely been racking up since I last posted a Buy or Bye post.

My mother always thought I was insane when she saw the box that practically kept nothing, now that I think about it. But I can finally get to it and break it down for you beauties.

For those of you who are new to the hoarder verse – empties refer to the products that I have used up. It does not necessarily mean that I like the product. This is why I like to read or watch other empties compilations.

It is all good and well when someone tell you they recommend something but do they actually commit enough to finish it? I feel like this gives a reader the full 360 view and opinion on a product.

If you missed my last instalment – she will be over here

Enough of the formalities and onto the stash.


I honestly feel like I talk about this particular foundation way too much. But it's an empty so why not give it another go around right?

It is no secret that I absolutely love this foundation for everyday wear. Why? I have combination to oily skin, things can turn around really quickly so this foundation in particular allows me to build on the coverage – depending on the day and mood. The Matte finish hold on quite well throughout the day, taking into consideration the fact that I only set my concealer and forehead before heading out the door.

The best application for me is with a brush. A good buff is all it takes. Also, on a day to day basis, brushes are a lot quicker to whip out and blend in comparison to a sponge.

Once things I have become more observant about when it comes to beauty products is the amount of product versus the price point. The 14ml tube sold in South Africa retails for R109.95 at Clicks while a 30ml bottle (sold international) retails for $7.99 (+\- R112) from Ulta Beauty.

The tube doesn't last very long so please Maybelline, Clicks, Dis-Chem… the masses. We need more.

I have already repurchased two more tubes of this foundation so that should tell you where I stand. Buy, buy, BUY!

[My shade – 332 Golden caramel]

Available at Clicks, Foschini Beauty & Dischem stories!


This concealer and I have a love hate relationship. I love the product – if it is blended and set down well. I hate the product amount to price point ratio.

Ok, let me break it down for you.

Conceal and define concealer is sold at Clicks for R104.95. The amount on the slightly oversized tube is a cheat. I'm sorry but it is. I blindly bought the product, you know new releases and recommendations galore but within 2-3 week, she was done. Done as in I took out the stopper and was practically extracting every little drop.

I was shocked to say the least but when I actually looked at the packaging, there stood 0.11fl oz. [3.2ml]. If I were to compare it to other affordable, drugstore concealers:

Upon discovery, I did see a 'supersized' version at £7 [+\- R130] for 0.45oz [13.8ml]. I would much prefer to pay a little more because the supersized version does carry way four times the product.

But let's move on to formula. It is a little thicker and more full coverage in comparison to the above concealers, that being said it does need to be set immediately to avoid creases through wear. It does hold up through the day but depending on the powder combination, it can look a little cakey in the 11th hour.

I will however not be repurchasing this concealer. If or when the supersized reaches our shores, I will reconsider.

Makeup Revolution is available from Clicks.

[My shade – C8]


Right off the bat I can tell you that this will be a repurchase 100 times over.


Pro & Con:

NYX Cosmetics is available at stand-alone NYX stores and selected Clicks.