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PRO/FIBER by L'Oréal Professional

​PRO/FIBER by L'Oréal Professional 

Retail Shampoo (250ml): R240 

Retail Masque (200ml): R330 

Re-charge Cure (6 x20ml): R600 


The System 

Working for a beauty review community where most of our women are concerned with some level of damaged hair, off course Beauty Bulletin was interested in the launch of L'Oréal Paris PRO FIBER. 

We are colouring, relaxing, highlighting, mechanically heat styling etc. etc. our hair, hence we are generally struggling with poor hair health with afflictions such as breakage, split/dead ends, dry, over processed and dull hair. 

Most of us complain that the in-salon haircare treatments we are doing have no longevity and do NOT last beyond the next shampoo. Well, apparently not with PRO FIBER. 

The PRO FIBER system claims to be very different to the existing in-salon haircare products on the market. The product claims to be the first in-salon anti-damage long-lasting hair treatment, with up to 100% damage repair that can last indefinitely. Yes, Indefinitely. Sounds too good to be true!! We are going to put into to the test! 

The Science 

The scientific breakthrough behind the product is Aptyl 100. This double molecule penetrates the hair fibres and anchors itself within the hair fibre. It fortifies from within to resurface the hair improving all the signs of damaged hair i.e. the texture, shine, ends and colour. 

The Aptyl 100 stays within the hair fibre for 4 shampoos! You reactivate the molecule for another cycle using the hairdresser prescribed shampoo, masque and recharge product. 

There are 3 system variants depending on your level of damage to the hair fibre. 

1) RECTIFY – slightly damaged hair from mechanical damage 

2) RESTORE- medium level of damage from colouring and heat styling 

3) RECONSTRUCT –high level of damage from repeat colouring, frequent heat styling, chemical damage 

I was given the Reconstruct Range as my hair is quite damaged from daily washing, six weekly highlighting & sun damage! Can't wait to start with the 1st part of the process which is the In-Salon Initiation!! 

After which I will use the shampoo and masque at home or 3 washes on the 4th wash I will use the shampoo and the re charge product & so on for six weeks.

​Review Part 2 -The In- Salon L'Oreal Paris PRO FIBER Treatment 

I went for the in salon treatment to kick off the process to healthy & beautiful hair. It took about 45 minutes and was very relaxing with all the massaging. The salon used the reconstruct in- salon PRO FIBER treatment because of the level of damage to my hair. Post in- salon treatment, my hair is super glossy and shiny. See what my hair usually looks like below and what it looks like today after the treatment. I will keep you updated how it feels at the end of the week after 4 washes (3 including the masque and on the 4th wash I will incorporate the recharge product instead of the masque to reactivate the treatment)

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