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Precisely! Inglot's #25 liquid eyeliner

Precisely! Inglot's #25 liquid eyeliner

I love liquid eyeliner. But like most women out there, I don’t like the applicators that come with them.  Sometimes the applicator is a brush that has bristles that splay so your eyeliner goes on streaky and all over your eyelid and you’ll spend more time trying to perfect it and correct it that you did applying it.


If you’re really into a great zebra eye, (I mean do any of you wake up in the morning thinking: “Mmmm I want a wear a simple zebra eye to work today?”) this is not the liner for you.

If a liquid liner and eyeliner pen had to have a baby, The Inglot Liquid eyeliner is probably what it would look like.

It reminds me of a quill and an inkpot . . .  (An image of J.R Tolkien wiring the Lord of the Rings comes to mind)

I got it in the shade #25 and it and it’s a inky, intense black.


The applicator is firm, like, point it in the wrong direction and you can definitely stab some someone in the eye. A bit of randomness, did you know that the stiletto heel was designed after the stiletto knife? True story.


This Inglot Liquid eyeliner dries faster than you can say:  The Inglot Liquid eyeliner dries faster than you can say' and it stays put until you remove it.

The felt tip liner soaks up the product but not in the product –overload kind of way.

This is heaven sent because I find with many liquid and felt tip eyeliners, the product tends to gather at the inner corner of the eye and drizzle it’s way into your eye making it super itchy, super ugly and super gloopy. Ooooh that sounded gross.

Let’s get back to the pretty world.

The beauty of the product is in felt tip applicator . . .

The fine point of the applicator allows for precision application in one stroke.

It dries fast and doesn’t crack or flake.

It goes on glossy, it dries matte but the colour is brighter than a gel liner.

It’s not labour intensive to clean up mistakes and you don’t need methylated spirits to remove it. A regular eye make up remover will do.  The short handle allows you more control and the tip doesn’t bend like Beckham does with a ball.

The Inglot liquid liners aren’t waterproof but that’s no biggie for me. The only downer about this product is the price and for the amount of eyeliner you get.

Price: R169 for 4ml

Where to buy:

Ps. I’m keeping the applicator when this guy runs out . . .


Do you find liquid eye liners difficult to work with? 

What's the best liquid eye liner with the best applicator that you have tried?

Let me know



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