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Power to the Women of South Africa

Power to the Women of South Africa


Women in South Africa all face varying challenges every single day, ranging from rape, abuse, illness and poverty. 

My story started around the age of 14. I was at that stage of transforming from young girl to woman, when a visit to the doctor would change my life forever. I was diagnosed with a rare liver disease called Autoimmune Hepatitis, and told I would have died within the year had I not visited my GP. I was immediately taken out of school for six months, and put on high dosages of cortisone. It was around this time that I started becoming shy and withdrawn.

I have since had two liver biopsies and been to Cape Town to see a specialist to discuss the possibility of a liver transplant. Luckily, in my case, a transplant is not needed. I have however been put on liver transplant medication to combat my disease, as the use of cortisone over the years has caused a lot of damage in other areas of my health. I will remain on medication for the rest of my life, accompanied by visits to the specialist and blood tests every 2 months. Even now my health is fluctuating, and I have been put back on cortisone for the time being.

But, this story is not a sad one. Despite all my challenges, I have graduated from high school and gone on to study at tertiary level. I have completed an undergraduate degree, an Honours in Financial Markets Degree and am currently doing my Masters in Economics. I have a supporting family and a loving boyfriend. I have a roof over my head and food in my belly.

Despite having to grow up very quickly during my childhood because of my disease, I only started wearing make up when I started university. I never had a lot of confidence before, but when I started going out more and people begun to notice me I started thinking that maybe I am beautiful in my own ways. Maybe it was time for me to start accepting who I was and the way I looked. And maybe I should be proud of both the physical and emotional scars I have from this ordeal, because they are a reminder of how strong I've become.

I have been through much in my life, and have gone from disliking the way I look to accepting myself for who I am. And make up has had a role to play in that. Putting on foundation and a bit of red lipstick gives a girl all the confidence she needs to take the day on. I prefer a more natural look, and find that make up should just be used to enhance one's natural beauty rather than transform one's self completely. I find my entire demeanour changes when I wear make up. I feel more comfortable and become a more confident woman.

I have included a photo of myself rocking this natural look I speak of, wearing some of my newest favourite products: A BB cream from Catrice, and a light brown eye pencil and red lippie from Essence. I like to keep most of my make up neutral, with one element standing out. Such as red lips in the photo I've attached. Or neutral lips with dark eyes. The BB cream from Catrice is very light, not as thick as foundation. It really helps to cover up my acne or areas that are slightly darker on my face without clogging my pores. The red lippie from Essence is one of my favourites, and the brown eye pencil is so easy to apply and gives more of a natural look as compared to using a black eye liner.

I just want to prove to all other women reading this, that no matter what challenges you face, life has a way of going on. Wear the scars you bear with pride. Walk with your head held high. And learn to love yourself for who you are, rather than who you think you should be. If wearing make up turns you into a more confident woman, and helps you to look people in the eye every day, then I say go for it. Power to the Women of South Africa. 

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Red Rocks my World.....#lipstickeffect
Make up makes me feel better!!!

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