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Ponds 7 Day Challenge _ day 4

b2ap3_thumbnail_smoothi.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_smoothi.jpgMY SMOOTHIE DAY THE INDIAN WAY (I THINK)



I Know in a perfect world i would be ecstatic to try a healthier option but my GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!! THIS WAS NOT AN EASY CHALLENGE FOR MEEEEE :(((((


My mum has been into the whole smoothie natural way for a while now.... so i tried it out... 

oh man was it bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

it was a vegetable and fruit smoothie with more emphasis on the vegetables :(

LOKI (Not sure of the english name), apples, pears, mint and coriander, carrots and i dont know what else with fat free greek yoghurt and ice....

I Really suffered ladies.... 

i managed to drink half a cup. apparently this smoothie is extremely healthy for you.. but i would choose and hour at high speed on the treadmill rather than drink that again.......

hope your smoothie day was a 100000 times better than minE LOL !!!!!!!!!



Stay beautifully blessed Ladies

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